The excellence of Sayyiduna Luqman and some of his words of advice have been mentioned gracefully in the Holy Quran and a complete Surah of the Holy Quran i.e. 'Surah Luqman' has been named after him. According to Muhammad Bin… Read More


Allah has exposed the foolishness and self-deception of the unbelievers who consider idols as their deities and place their trust in them for seeking help, support and benefit, by citing a very strange example, which is highly alarming and admonitory.… Read More


Sayyiduna Musa  was brought up in the palace of pharaoh since his childhood but when he  grew up, he got fed up of seeing the oppressions of pharaoh and his nation 'Qibti'i and raised his voice against pharaoh. As a… Read More

Obliteration ‘ASHAAB-E-AIKAH’

Aikah   means bush. The city of Ashaab-e-Aikah was located amid lush green forests and blossoming trees. Allah sent Sayyiduna Shu' ayb for their guidance. The didactic sermon that he delivered in front of 'Ashaab-e-Aikah' is mentioned in the Holy Quran… Read More


Literal meaning of the word 'Ras' is 'old well'. Therefore, the ' Ashaab-ur-Ras' means 'the people of the well.' In the Holy Quran, Allah has mentioned the destruction of a nation called 'Ashaab-ur-Ras' caused by their insolence and disobedience. Therefore,… Read More


In the Holy Quran, the olive tree has been referred as the Sacred Tree. When the storm in the times of Sayyiduna Nuh was over, olive tree was the first tree to grow on the earth; and the first place… Read More


Allah  is All-Powerful. If He like, He  may create thousands of human beings within an instant. But despite possessing all the powers, Allah blesses the man with existence in stages by virtue of His perfect wisdom. Therefore, after reaching the… Read More

WITHDRAWAL of the streams

Sayyiduna Ibn 'Abbas has reported that Allah has made five streams to flow in the earth which have their origin in the Heaven: (1) Jayhoon (2) Yahoon (3) Dijlah (4) Euphrates (Furaat) (5) Nile. All these five streams have emerged… Read More

Sayyiduna Zul-Kifl

Sayyiduna Zul-Kifl  has been mentioned in only two Surahs of the Holy Quran - Surah Al-Ambiya and Surah Saad. In both of these two Surahs, only his name has been mentioned. A part from his name, there is neither any… Read More

Destruction of the VILLAGE HASOOR

The people of the village refuted and killed him. In the pretext of this heinous sin, the wrath and torment of Allah  hailed upon the people of that village. The people of the village suffered from different types of calamities… Read More