lslam and asceticism

The Quran exegetists have reported that one day, the Holy Nabi   delivered a sermon and described the miseries of  the Day of Judgement in such a way that the audience became  awe-struck and began to weep bitterly. The hearts of… Read More

Disappointment to the UNBELIEVERS

After the migration to Madinah, even though Islam was propagating rapidly, the Muslims had been victorious against the unbelievers on every front and the    conspiracies of the unbelievers were  suffering continuous failures; however, in spite of all this, the infidels… Read More

Those who did Jihad against Murtadeen (apostates)

Few people during the blessed life of the Holy Rasool  and many after his blessed demise were going to become apostate (i.e. revert to unbelief). The survival of Islam was going to be under a serious threat from them. Nevertheless,… Read More

COMPANIONS (HAWARI) of Sayyiduna ‘Isa

There were twelve 'Hawari (disciples)' of Sayyiduna 'Isa who embraced Islam by virtue of Sayyiduna 'Isa and proclaimed their faith (in Islam) openly. They would remain ready all the time to provide physical, monetary and every type of support wholeheartedly… Read More

How was The repentance of Sayyiduna Aadam accepted

After being sent down to the earth from the Paradise, Sayyiduna Aadam  did not lift his head towards the sky for three hundred years being remorseful and he  kept on weeping. It has been reported that if the tears of… Read More

ENMITY will always prevail among HUMAN BEINGS

Sayyiduna Aadam and Sayyidatuna Hawwa used to live a peaceful and prosperous life in Paradise. Allah had allowed them to eat all fruits of Paradise without any restriction. However, they were forbidden to go near a specific tree and eat… Read More

A Historical Debate

Who was Namrood?  Namrood was a king bearing utmost arrogance. He was the first one to place the royal crown of kingship on his head and to claim that he is god. He was born of an illegitimate birth due… Read More

Seventy people resurrected after their demise

When Sayyiduna Musa  went to the Mount Sinai [Kauh-e-Toor] for forty days, Saamri, the hypocrite made a statue similar to a calf with melted silver and gold jewellery and poured the dust in the mouth of that calf which he… Read More

Safa And Marwah

These are two small hills situated very close to the Holy Ka'bah. Nowadays, due to high rise buildings and highways and due to the corridor constructed in between the two hills, the elevation of these hills has diminished. Near these… Read More

Torment of plague ON BANI ISRAEL

In the 'field of Teeh', when Bani Israel expressed the desire that they would like to eat vegetables and cereals that grow in the earth, Sayyiduna Musa asked them that why were they wishing for cheap and inferior vegetables, pulses… Read More