Romans will dominate again

A war was underway between the state of Rome and Persia, and as the people of Persia were fire worshippers, that's why the Arab unbelievers would prefer their domination. On the other hand, the Romans were the people of the… Read More

The bad end of QAROON

Qaroon was the son of Yashar  who was the uncle of Sayyiduna Musa  . He was a very handsome man. Impressed with his charmful and elegant beauty, people used to call him Munawwar. Another faculty that made him prominent among… Read More

EXTRAORDINARY death of sayyiduna Sulayman

In Syria, the place where the tent of Sayyiduna Musa  was erected, Sayyiduna Dawood laid the foundation of Bayt-ul-Muqaddas. But before the completion of the building, the worldly life of Sayyiduna Dawood   came to an end. Sayyiduna Dawood bequeathed his son… Read More

How did the THRONE OF BILQEES reach?

The royal throne of the queen Bilqees of the country Saba was eighty yards in length and forty yards in width. It was  ornamented with gold and silver and with various kinds of jewels and pearls. When Sayyiduna Sulayman  declined the messenger… Read More

Sayyiduna Sulayman’s WOODPECKER

Although all birds were obedient to Sayyiduna Sulayman , but his woodpecker was famous for his extraordinary submission and good service. It was the woodpecker who informed Sayyiduna Sulayman  about the queen Bilqees of the country named 'Saba' that she… Read More

Sayyiduna Su layman AND AN ANT

Sayyiduna Sulayman is the son of Sayyiduna Dawood . He was successor of his blessed father. Allah bestowed him with the status of the Prophethood and the kingship of the whole world and he  remained on the throne for a… Read More


Sayyiduna Ayyub  is from the descendants of Sayyiduna Ishaaq  and his mother is from the family of Sayyiduna Loot- Allah blessed him with a diverse range of bounties including beauty, abundance of wealth and children, uncountable number of cattle, fields… Read More

DEMOLISHING OF IDOLS by Sayyiduna Ibraheem

In the dispute over idol worshiping, Sayyiduna Ibraheem firstly proved the truth by argumentation to his people. But the people did not accept the truth. Instead, they said, 'Tomorrow is our day of Eid and a big carnival of ours… Read More

From tidal waves into MOTHER’S LAP

The astrologers informed pharaoh that a boy will born in Bani Israel that will be a cause of destruction of his kingdom. Therefore, pharaoh ordered his army to kill every new-born baby boy of the Bani Israel. Sayyiduna Musa  was… Read More

Sayyiduna ldrees

His name is ' Akhnaukh' and he is the grandfather of Sayyiduna Nuh's father. He is the first Rasool after Sayyiduna Aadam. His father is Sayyiduna Shees Bin Aadam- He  is the first person ever to write with a pen.… Read More