24/7 DIvine Protection

Hadith:  Anas ibn Maalik reports that the Prophetﷺ once mentioned to Hadhrat Fatimah to recite the following supplication morning and evening.(Sunan Nisai: 10405 … Mustadrak Al-Haakim: 2000) Also Hadhrat Abdullah ibn Mas'ood narrated that whenever the Prophet ﷺ used to… Read More

Be free from calamity

Hadith:  “Whoever recites the following Du’a, three times in the morning will not be afflicted by any calamity before evening, and whoever recites it three times in the evening will not be overtaken by any calamity before morning.” (Sunan Tirmidhi:… Read More

Freedom fromhell-fire!

Hadith: “if anyone recites (the following Du'a) in the morning or in the evening, Allah Almighty will emancipate his one-fourth from hell, if he says it twice, Allah will emancipate his half, if he says it thrice, Allah will emancipate… Read More

A concise prophetic du’a

Hadith: Hazrat Abu Umama reports that Rasul Allahﷺ made numerous du’aas but some of us could not remember any of these du’aas. Once we said to him: “O Messenger of Allahﷺ! You have made innumerable Du’aas but we do not… Read More

Receive the Du’a of 70000 angels!

Hadith: “whoever recites the following Isti’aadha three times in the morning followed by the last three verses of Suratul Hashr (Al-Hashr 59: 22-24) Allah will appoint seventy thousands (70000) angels, to make Du’a for him till the evening, and if… Read More

Allah will always be pleased!

Hadith:  It has been recorded that Allah has promised that anyone who recites the following in the morning and evening, He will be pleased with him on the day of resurrection, and Jannah will be guaranteed for him. [Sunan Ibn… Read More

Everlasting reward!

‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar narrated that the Prophet ﷺ talked about a servant of the Servants of Allah. He recited a Du'a whereupon the two recording angels felt heavy and did not know how to register his reward. The Angels ascended… Read More

Freedom from worries!

Hadith: “Whoever recites the following Du’a seven times in the morning and in the evening, Allah Almighty will suffice for him and free him of all worries of both this world and the hereafter, and make his major and important… Read More

How easy it is to get sins forgiven!

Hadith: “whoever recites the following istighfaarthree times when he goes to sleep, all his sins will be forgiven, even though his sins are like the foam of an ocean, or like the amount of leaves, or like the amount of… Read More

Get all your Sins pardoned!

Hadith: “whoever recites the following istighfaar will be forgiven, even though he ran away from the infidels on the battlefield. (meaning, although it is a great sin,the sin will be pardoned.)(Sunan Abu Dawood: 1517… Sunan Tirmidhi: 3577) اَسْتَغْفِرُ اللهَ الَّذِیْ… Read More