Quranic Wonders

Endless treasure of knowledge and wisdom

The Holy Quran is a glorified and highly dignified book of Allah in which there are rulings pertaining to Halal and Haraam, quotes of advice and admonition, the incidents and parables of the Ambiya and those of previous Ummahs, and… Read More

Some attributes of Allah

The unbelievers of Arab used to raise various questions about Allah in the court of the Holiest Rasool . Some would ask, 'What is the lineage and family of Allah ? Who did He get lordship in legacy from? Who… Read More

Harmony between ISLAM AND KUFR is impossible

A delegation of the unbelievers of Quraysh came to the Beloved and Blessed Rasool and said, 'If you follow our religion, then we will follow yours. You worship our creators (idols) for a year, and we will worship your Creator,… Read More

Two Journers By Quraysh

In the holy city of Makkah, there was neither any cultivation nor any type of trade or industry. Yet, the people of the Quraysh tribe were very rich and affluent, and they would entertain the Hajj pilgrims generously with great… Read More

Greatness of the HORSES OF MUJAHIDIN

What a great rank is held by the Islamic warriors who perform Jihad in the path of Allah ! Regarding this, Allah has praised such brave men in numerous Ayahs of the Holy Quran. In Surah Al-' Aadiyaat, Allah has… Read More

The earth will talk

On the Day of Judgement, where there will be many witnesses at the time of Reckoning, the earth will also become witness and bear testimony. Therefore, it has been mentioned in a Hadees that the earth will bear testimony about… Read More


Shab-e-Qadr is the night bearing great bounties and blessings. How virtuous this night is can be judged from the fact that Allah has revealed one complete chapter (Surah) about this blessed night which is: We have indeed sent down it… Read More

ABUJAHL and the Divine army

Abu Jahl prohibited the Rasool of mankind, the Peace of our heart and mind, the most Generous and Kind from offering Salah in the Ka'bah. He used to announce publically, 'If I would see Muhammad offering Salah, I will trample… Read More


The people of Sayyiduna Nuh turned into idol worshippers. They had five idols that were very famous. The whole nation was sunk in their worship. The names of these five idols were: (1) Wadd (2) Suwaa' (3) Yaghoos (4) Ya'ooq… Read More

A strange invocation

The commentators of the Holy Quran have narrated that once the polytheists captured the son of 'Awf Bin Maalik Ashja' ee  whose name was 'Saalim'. Sayyiduna 'Awf Bin Maalik reported in the court of the Beloved and Blessed Rasool and… Read More