Quranic Wonders

Exile of Jews

After migration, when the Beloved Rasool came to Madinah, he made a peace treaty with the Jews who were living in Madinah and in its outskirts. However, the Jews did not remain firm on their pledge. Instead, they started weaving… Read More

Generosity of the honorable Sahabah

Sayyiduna 'Abdullah Bin 'Umar has reported that once a Rasool' s companion sent the head of a slaughtered goat as a gift to another companion's home. The latter companion sent it to someone else's home considering that he would be… Read More

IRON WAS DESCENDED from the Heavens

Allah   has mentioned iron in the Holy Quran by stating: And We sent down iron, in which there is extreme strength and benefits for people. [Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 27, Surah Al-Hadeed, Ayah 25) It has been narrated by… Read More


Sayyiduna Saabit Bin Qays  had weak hearing. For this reason, whenever he would be in the blessed gathering, the holy companions  would give him a position at the front. One day when i he came in the blessed court of… Read More

MOON SPLIT into two pieces

When the unbelievers of Makkah iracle from the Beloved and Blessed Rasool  , he   demonstrated it by splitting the moon into two pieces. One piece was seen on mount Abu Qubays, while the other was seen on mount Qu' ayqi'… Read More

Angels visited as guests

Sayyiduna Ibraheem was very hospitable to the guests. It has been reported that he would not eat meal until there was some guest at his dining mat. One day, such a group of guests arrived at his home seeing which… Read More

Do not trust the information provided by a TRANSGRESSOR

When the Muslims became successful in the battle of Bani Mustaliq in the 5th AH and when the Beloved and Blessed Rasool  married Sayyidatuna Juwayriyah who was the daughter of the chief of the tribe, the blessed companions freed all… Read More

Fertility and infertility

I t is a tradition of Allah  that He  bestows some parents with daughter only and some with son and some with both i.e. son and  daughter. Moreover, there are also some people whom He   turns  infertile, neither bestowing them with daughter… Read More

Supplication by the DIVINE THRONE BEARERS

The angels who are bearers of the Divine Throne hold the highest rank among the angels. They have four wings on each of their arms and two wings on their face by which they hide their eyes. As regards to… Read More


Once, Abu Jahl and two  s tribe swore the oath that if they would find Muhammad , they would crush his (blessed) head with some stone. When the Holy Rasool visited the blessed Ka'bah to offer Salah, Abu Jahl chased… Read More