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Ashrafiya Library- APPS ON GOOGLE PLAY

The Ashrafiya Islamic eBook Library is a wonderful mobile application in which you can find about 1000 Islamic books in a valuable way in 38 languages. This great success of Dawood Islam will facilitate you in gaining knowledge of Islam. Users can easily read and learn religion knowledge through this beautifully designed mobile app. In addition, UI of the application is looking forward to satisfaction that it will focus on you. The main features of this application are as follows:
• The user can easily find a book through the search bar.
• Users can select and search books in specific language.
• Books are rated by author, article and month.
• The user can choose any book to make their favorites. Doing so will show the user’s favorite books in the “Favorites” section of the request.
The App Update section will show you the latest books included in applications.

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