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Destruction of the VILLAGE HASOOR

The people of the village refuted and killed him. In the pretext of this heinous sin, the wrath and torment of Allah  hailed upon the people of that village. The people of the village suffered from different types of calamities to such an extent that an infidel and tyrant king called ‘Bakht Nasr’ was made to rule them. He killed all the men of the village mercilessly, arrested all the women and made them his bondwomen, and mutilated the whole village. When the bloodshed and massacre started in the village, the people started fleeing away. At that time, the angels taunted them saying, ‘O people of the village! Do not flee away. Live a comfortable and luxurious life in your homes enjoying the luxuries. Where are you running? Stay here! This is the reward of the murder of innocent Ambiya  committed by you.’ 
This voice of the angels was heard from the sky throughout the village and the swords of the army of Bakht Nasr kept beheading them. When the people of village saw this scene, they started admitting their sins and guilt but their repentance and crying did not benefit them. There were streams of blood flowing everywhere in the village and the whole village was deserted and  destroyed. The Holy Quran has described the destruction of these people in the following words:
And how many (people of) towns We have destroyed that were unjust, and We created another nation after them. And when they received Our punishment, they immediately started fleeing from it. (It was said to them via angels, sarcastically) 1Do not flee and return to the comforts that were given to you, and to your homes; perhaps you will be asked ( about the way you spent your life).’ They said, 1Woe to us! We were indeed unjust.’ So they kept saying this until We made them cut-off (i.e. like chopped off crop), extinguished.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation ofQuran)J (Part 17, SurahAl-Ambiya, Ayah 11-15)
According to some commentators of the Holy Quran, ‘town’ in this Ayah refers to all the towns of the previously destroyed Ummahs i.e. the towns of Sayyiduna Nuh, Sayyiduna Loot, Sayyiduna Saalih, Sayyiduna Shu’ayb  which were deserted by various torments .
(Tafseer As-Saawi, vol. 4, pp. 1292; part 17, Surah Al-Ambiya, Ayah 11)


Refuting and disrespecting, harming and killing the Ambiya  of Allah or offensive and abusive attitude towards them are such heinous and grave crimes that definitely invite the torment from Allah. The Holy Quran presents several evidences in this context that many dwellings were destroyed as a charge of this guilt. 

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