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Exile of Jews

After migration, when the Beloved Rasool came to Madinah, he made a peace treaty with the Jews who were living in Madinah and in its outskirts. However, the Jews did not remain firm on their pledge. Instead, they started weaving a web of internal and external conspiracies against the Holy Rasool and the Muslims. In the meantime, one day some key persons of the tribe of ‘Banu Nadeer’ planned the following conspiracy: They would go to the Holy Rasool  and inform him that they need to hold an important meeting with him. When the Holy Rasool  would arrive, they would make him sit against a wall. When he would be well engaged in conversation, a heavy stone from above the roof would be thrown on to him, causing the end of his life.
Therefore, the Beloved Rasool  went to the area of the Jews. However, when he had just taken seat near the wall, instantly Allah made him aware about the conspiracy of Jews through Divine revelation. That’s why, the Noblest Rasool  immediately left quietly. This way, the conspiracy of the Jews failed.
After coming back to Madinah, the Beloved Rasool sent Muhammad Bin Maslamah to convey this message to the Jews of Banu Nadeer: ‘As you people have betrayed and broken the treaty, for this reason, you are being ordered to deport and expel from the holy land of Hijaz-e-Muqaddas.’ When the hypocrites heard this, they gathered and went to Banu Nadeer telling them not to listen to this order of Muhammad
 and not to exile from there by any means, ensuring them that they will support them by all means. When the Banu Nadeer saw the backing of the hypocrites, they refused to obey the command of the Holy Rasool. The Beloved and Blessed Rasool  started preparations for Jihad (holy war) and after appointing Sayyiduna ‘Abdullah Bin Umm-e-Maktoom as the governor of Madinah, took an army of blessed companions  and invaded the fort of the Banu Nadeer. The Jews locked themselves inside the fort and were assured that now the Muslims cannot do any harm to them. However, the Holy Rasool besieged their fort and ordered their trees to be cut down, as it  was possible that the Jews may raid the Muslim army through concealing themselves in the cluster of trees. After observing the state of affairs, the Jews of Banu Nadeer were so fear stricken that they started trembling, and they did not receive anything from the hypocrites except for disappointment and humiliation.
In the end, the Jews were compelled to request a chance to go into exile. Hence, they were permitted to do so and were told that apart from war equipment, they can take with them whatever they could load onto their camels. Therefore, the Jews of Banu Nadeer loaded their luggage on to six hundred camels and left Madinah, singing and blowing in the form of a procession. A few of them went to ‘Khyber’, while a majority went to Syria and settled in ‘ Azri’aat’ and ‘Areeha’. Also at the time of their departure, the Jews demolished their homes in order to prevent the Muslims from taking any benefit from them. (Madarij-un-Nubuwwat, vol. 2, pp. 147-148)
Allah has mentioned this exile of Jews in Surah Al-Hashr of the Holy Quran in the following manner:
It is He Who banished the disbelieving People of The Book (i.e. the Jews) from their homes, for their first gathering (i.e. first banishment). You did not think that they would leave, and they thought that their forts would save them from Allah, so Allah’s command (punishment) came to them from a place they had not imagined. And He instilled terror in their hearts, that they (started to) demolish their own homes by their own hands and (also) by the hands of the Muslims; therefore learn a lesson, 0 those who can see. [Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 28, Surah Al-Hashr, Ayah 2)


 The Jews are notoriously known for their particular envy, malice and hypocrisy. Disloyalty and betrayal are distinct characteristics of this nation. The tyranny of these wretched people is also beyond imagination. Their tyranny is to such extent that they have murdered numerous Ambiya of Alla  During these killings, these misfortunate tyrants were confessed to  the fact that they were killing them unjustly. Allah has mentioned their false promises and betrayals in the Holy Quran a number of times, warning the Muslims to never rely on the commitments and treaties of the Jews and to always remain vigilant of their deceitfulness and conspiracies.
The evil traits of false promises, betraying commitments and evil mischief have been found in Jews since long and are found even today. As it can be seen in the current era the way these people have established a hegemonic regime of Israel and how they are treating the Palestinian Arabs. In addition, how the American Jews are braggingly encouraging the Israel government by raising their morale, while on the other hand, the whole world is cursing and condemning Israel and America, but the shame of these faithless and immodest tyrants has come to such a low that they do not even have any feeling towards it. Although it is obvious that the Palestinian Arabs cannot compete with powers like America, but still we are not hopeless. Yet we are optimistic due to the promises of the Holy Quran that if Allah  wills, He will destroy and demolish them through some sort of torment like in the past.

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