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You have already read in the previous chapter 1Windstorm on people of  Aad1 about the lineal order of I Aad that the family order begins from the chief descendant of the tribe I Aad Bin’ Aws Bin Aram Bin  Saam Bin Nuh. Shaddad belongs to the progeny of ‘Aad and he was a king of great magnificence and majesty. During his reign, he united all the kings under his flag and made them his subservient and obedient. He had heard about Heaven from many Ambiya. Stirred with his rebelliousness, he wished to build a Heaven in this world. With this intention, he built a mega city whose palaces were made with silver and gold bricks. Pillars of rubies and emeralds were erected in these buildings and floors were paved with similar material. Beautiful pearls were spread in place of pebbles, flowing streams having jewelled beds were arranged in the vicinity of every palace and various types of trees were planted for adornment and shade.
He arranged every article of comfort and luxury of Heaven according to his imagination in this city. When this city was completed, king Shaddad embarked towards the city along with his monarchs. When he approached nearby, a terrifying sound echoed from the skies, by which Allah  killed Shaddad along with his peers, and he could not even see his self-made Heaven.
During the reign of Sayyiduna Ameer Mu’awiyah, Sayyiduna ‘Abdullah Bin Qilabah reached this city through the desert of ‘Adan while searching for his lost camel. He witnessed all the decors and luxuries of this city but did not find any habitant in it. He took some jewels from there and departed. When this news reached Sayyiduna Ameer Mu’awiyah , he  called ‘Abdullah Bin Qilabah and inquired everything from him about this occurrence. He revealed everything that he witnessed.
Afterwards, Sayyiduna Ameer Mu’awiyah called Sayyiduna Ka’b-ul-Ahbaar and asked him, ‘Does any such city exist in the world?’ He replied in affirmation and informed that its mention has also been made in the Holy Quran. This city was built by Shaddad Bin ‘Aad but they all perished by the Divine torment and not even single person from these people could survive. He further revealed that during your reign, a Muslim having blue eyes, short height and a mole on his eyebrow will enter this city while searching for his camel. Meanwhile, ‘Abdullah Bin Qilabah arrived. Seeing him, Sayyiduna Ka’b-ul-Ahbaar   said, ‘By Allah, the person who will see the heaven made by Shaddad is this very person.’ (I’afseer Khazaain-ul-‘Irfan, pp. 1069-1070; part 30, Surah Al-Fajr, Ayah 8)
The Holy Quran mentions the people of ‘Aad and other impudent people in the following Ayahs:
Did you not see how your Lord dealt with (the nation of) ‘Aad? The people of Iram (it is name of a city), who were exceptionally tall? That the likes of whom was never born in the cities. And (how He dealt with) the Samood, who carved out rocks in the valley. And (how He dealt with) Fir’awn, who used to affix nails (to crucify people). (Those) who rebelled in the cities. And who then spread great turmoil in them. So your Lord struck them hard with the whip of punishment. (Part 30, SurahAl-Fajr, Ayah 6-13)


Allah extremely dislikes transgression and arrogance of the people. Therefore, it is the tradition of Allah that every arrogant and transgressed nation that tried to spread insolence, oppression and chaos in the world the wrath of Allah struck them with torment that ruined and destroyed them. Shaddad and the people of ‘Aad became victim of the Divine wrath due to their
insolence and arrogance. It is mandatory for the Muslims to When their oppressions and recite the Holy Quran extensively … tyrannies exceeded to such
an extent that every particle of the world bubbled up due to their sins and misdeeds, then Allah destroyed all these tyrant oppressors and erased them from the pages of history like an incorrect word. Therefore, we should learn a lesson from their climax, failures and their subsequent destructions by Divine torment. The sole aim of quoting such events of destructions of these nations by the Holy Quran is that the believers of the Holy Quran listen to these incidents, take heed, and always remain fearful of Allah 
It is mandatory for the Muslims to recite the Holy Quran extensively, read its translation and take heed from the destruction of these nations. One should always keep seeking pardon and repentance from Allah  and should always protect himself from all sorts of wrong beliefs and misdeeds. One should continue striving for virtuous deeds and should not boast upon wealth and riches. One should always observe modesty and humbleness whilst maintaining the fear of Allah and wherever possible, one should stay persistent in performing the good deeds.

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