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Preface by the Author

Preface by the Author 

  After the publication of ‘Ajaaib-ul-Quran [Quranic Wonders – Part
1] which is a great collection of 65 topics describing the wonders mentioned in the Holy Quran; now another collection of 71 topics consisting of strange and supernatural happenings is being presented with the title of Gharaib-ul­Quran [Quranic Wonders – Part 2]’. The translation of the relevant Ayahs of the Holy Quran, their exegesis, backdrop of the revelations, points and related moral lessons are also included.
Quranic Wonders Part 1 & 2 – both of these books that are on the theme of Quranic subjects are the fruition of my rigorous efforts that I made during the days of my illness. May Allah   the Most Benevolent and the Most Merciful bless my religious books with recognition in His Grand Court by virtue of His Most Beloved Rasool ! Moreover, may Allah   make it a cause of my absolution as well as that of my parents, teachers, students and disciples! May Allah   bestow my beloved grandson Maulana Fayz-ul­Haq Sahib with blessings in his knowledge and character, as he supported me throughout in the editing and publication of this book 
I humbly request the readers to keep praying for my full health recovery, so that I may resume the noble service of preaching Ahadees and writing the religious books till my last breath.

Abdul Mustafa A’zami 

Ghosi – 23rd Ramadan, 1402 AH 

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