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In the Holy Quran, the olive tree has been referred as the Sacred Tree. When the storm in the times of Sayyiduna Nuh was over, olive tree was the first tree to grow on the earth; and the first place where it grew was the Mount Sinai where Sayyiduna Musa was privileged to have Kalam with Allah . Olive tree has a very long life. According to some scholars, it survives for three thousand years.
(I’afseer As-Saawi, vol. 4, pp. 13 60; part 18, Surah Al-Mu ‘minoon, Ayah 20)
Sayyiduna ‘Abdullah Bin ‘Abbas  has mentioned that there are many benefits in olive. It is used as fuel in lamps and it is also consumed as curry. It is also used for massage of the body and the head. It is also used in leather tanning. It is also used in lighting fire. No constituent of olive is useless. Even the burnt ash of it is used to purify the silk. It grows in the homes of the Ambiya and in the holy lands. Seventy Ambiya  have prayed for blessings in it. Even Sayyiduna Ibraheem  and the Beloved Rasool Muhammad   have supplicated for it. (Iafseer As-Saawi, vol. 4, pp. 1405; part 18, Surah An-Noor, Ayah 35)
Allah mentions about this sacred tree as: 
And created the ( olive) tree that comes forth from Mount Sinai, which grows containing oil and gravy for the eaters.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 18, Surah Al-Mu ‘minoon, Ayah 20)
At another place, Allah  has mentioned:
Kindled by the blessed olive tree, which is neither of the east nor of the west. [Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 18, Surah An-Noor, Ayah 35)


 Olive is a tree bearing lot of blessings. Usually this tree may grow at any place without requiring any hard work. However, it is found abundantly in Syria and in the Arab peninsula, and the habitants of these areas also use its oil regularly. The people of Makkah Mukarramah use it so regularly that they even fry meat and fish in this oil. This oil  is called  [Zayt] in Arabic and the person selling it is called  [Zayaat]. If available, the Muslims should use it for getting blessings as the
Holy Quran has mentioned it as a sacred tree and seventy Ambiya  have supplicated for blessings in it. Hence one should not be suspicious  regarding blessedness of olive and since it has been declared ‘blessed’, there must be a lot of benefits in using it. 

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