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Sayyiduna Khujandi and the Basaati poet

It has been reported that once Sayyiduna Kamaluddin Khujandi  went in the gathering of poets and the Basaati poet mentioned this nonsense couplet against him in a very disrespectful and ridiculous manner:

از کجائی از کجائی اے لُوند

Translation: From where have you come -from where have you come-0 mischief? (معاذاللہ)
Sayyiduna Khujandi  did not get angry assuming that he (the Basaati poet) is saying such being intoxicated. He  replied as under:
از خجندم، از خجندم از خجند

Translation: I came from Khujand-I came from Khujand-I came from Khujand. 
After this Sayyiduna Khujandi  addressed the gathering and said that he (Basaati) is out of senses due to being intoxicated and is babbling whatever comes to his tongue. Do not say anything to him. Hearing this, the shameful Basaati poet insulted him saying: 
اے ملحد خجندی ریش بزرگ داری
  کز غایت بزرگی دہ ریش می تواں گفت
Translation: 0 infidel Khujandi, you keep a very long beard and seeing its length; it can be called ten beards. 
Listening to these insulting comments publically grieved him too much and Sayyiduna Khujandi 4″ J􀀫 :<‘u1 ;L;.j invoked curse unto him with wrathful gaze and instantly, the Basaati poet fell dead on the ground without any illness. All the gathering witnessed that awful scene. 
(Ruh-ul-Bayan vol. 2, pp. 45; part 3, Surah Aal-e-‘Imran, Ayah 63) 

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