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Endless treasure of knowledge and wisdom

The Holy Quran is a glorified and highly dignified book of Allah in which there are rulings pertaining to Halal and Haraam, quotes of advice and admonition, the incidents and parables of the Ambiya and those of previous Ummahs, and the details about Paradise and Hell have been mentioned. On the other hand, comprehensiveness of the meanings of Quranic Ayahs is like an ocean of knowledge and cognition that cannot be
explored completely till the Judgement Day. Therefore, whilst mentioning the great comprehensiveness of the Holy Quran, the Beloved and Blessed Rasool
 has said:
The Islamic scholars will never be satiated whilst exploring the Quranic subjects, it will not become tattered after being recited again and again and the strange and miraculous topics of the Holy Quran will never end.
(Mishkat, Kitab Fadaail-ul-Quran, Al-Fasal-us-Saani, pp. 186)
In this context, Sayyiduna ‘Ali Khuwaas  has mentioned:
No doubt, Allah  blessed me with the understanding of the meanings of Surah Al-Fatihah by virtue of which one hundred forty thousand nine hundred and ninety­nine sciences were disclosed to me.
(Ad-Dawlat-ul-Makkiyyah, pp. 79)
Similarly, Imam Sha’rani has mentioned in his book entitled
My brother, Afzaluddin has derived two hundred and forty-seven thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine sciences from Sur ah Al-Fatihah.
(Ad-Dawlat-ul-Makkiyyah, pp. 79)
It becomes quite obvious from these reports that although the Holy Quran is apparently a compilation of thirty parts but internally it is such a treasure of billions of sciences and wisdom that can never be quantified. Following is a famous couplet of an eminent Sufi:
i.e. all knowledge and all information is available in the Holy Quran but people’s
intellect is not capable to comprehend it.

Conclusively, the information in the Holy Quran is not limited only to the sciences and laws, but reality is that it contains details of the whole universe and of each and every existing thing in the universe. The Holy Quran comprehensively explains about each and every star of the sky, each and every drop of oceans, each and everything of the earth, each and every sand grain of deserts, each and every leaf of trees, each and every aspect of the Divine throne and the Kursi, each and every corner of the universe, each and every event of the past, each and every issue of the present, and each and every incident of the future. Therefore, Allah  has said:

We have left out nothing in this book.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)J (Part 7, Surah Al-An’aam, Ayah 38)
However, this fact should be kept in mind that this distinctive excellence of the Holy Quran is not for me, you and the common people, but the full exposure of this distinctive attribute of the Holy Quran is specifically for the most Beloved Rasool of Allah and this is a distinct
miracle of the Holiest Rasool that he has fully and comprehensively understood all the subjects and meanings of the Holy Quran. After the complete revelation of the Holy Quran, no item of the universe and no event in the past, present or future is unknown to the  Beloved Rasool, and he has perfect and complete information about every seen and unseen thing. As Allah has mentioned:
And We have sent down this Quran upon you, which is a clear explanation
of all things.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 14, Surah An-Nahl, Ayah 89)
Also, by virtue of the Holy Rasool , some friends of Allah and eminent scholars have also received knowledge, as per their capability, from these hidden treasure of knowledge. Some of these treasures of knowledge
are mentioned in uncountable pages of the books while a lot of such  information remained unprinted and concealed in the hearts of great people, which will continue to come to light till the Judgement Day, . As per saying of the Noble Rasool  :  , blessings of the Holy Quran will reveal from time to time and the Muslims will continue to benefit from them.
However, it is a fact that this concise collection (i.e. this book: ‘Quranic Wonders Part 1 & Part 2’) comprising of Quranic events and similar other thousands of books on Quranic subjects delivered by eminent scholars of the past do not even hold as much significance when compared with the total know ledge and information contained in the Holy Quran as much as a drop of water holds in comparison to the oceans of the entire world and a grain of sand holds when compared with the entire earth. This is because the Holy Quran is such an infinite treasure of know ledge and wisdom that can never be explored completely. The eminent Islamic scholars will continue extracting marvellous pearls from it and thousands of such books will be written until the last Day of the world.
I am pleased to deliver two brief collections covering some subjects of the Holy Quran and thus tried to enlist myself at the bottom of the list of those scholars who have derived such magnificent pearls of knowledge from the Ayahs of the Quran that have spiritualized the faith of billions of believers till the Judgement Day. But I am very much ashamed that due to my poor knowledge and weak intellect, and the declining health conditions, I could not write any further, nor could pen down anything extraordinary that can inspire or benefit the scholarly people.
However, I pray in the court of Allah that, by sake of His Beloved and Blessed Rasool  , may He accept my little effort and bless it with recognition in this worldly life as well as afterlife! 

Translated into English by:
Translation Department o/Dawat-e-Islami 

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