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Way was it written? And What Was written?

In Rabi’-ul-Awwal 1400 AH, some reverend Islamic scholars of Ahl-e-Sunnat expressed their desire entailing a request that I should write an easy translation of Holy Quran in a simple language. In those days, I was victimized with the fit of paralysis for the first time and therefore, I sought an apology with the plea of my poor decrepit health and exclaimed to them that if they had diverted my attention towards it couple of years ago, then by all means I would have started working on this task; but now at the present when the paralysis and feeble old age has completely shattered my energies – such a huge task is very difficult for me to execute. Afterward, few of my dear acquaintances suggested me that if I could not write the complete translation of the Holy Quran, then following the patterns of ‘Nawadir-ul-Hadees’; it will be very useful academic task to write translation and annotation of some Ayahs of the Holy Quran with contextual explanations.
This task was very easy for me. Therefore, with a strong determinative faith and trust in Allah “, I started this work. I had just managed to write a manuscript of approximately one hundred pages when haphazardly, on 13th December 1981, I was struck with paralysis attack again for the second time while sleeping. This very fit paralyzed my left hand and foot so relentlessly that it made these limbs motionless. Immediately, with the assistance of two students, I was brought to my house at my village Ghosi from Baraon by a jeep. I remained bedridden for a couple of months, but very soon, there was grace and compassion unto me by Almighty Allah Jz_;’i that I started to feel movement in my hand and foot and after the passage of three months, I was in a position to stand up. I gradually recovered and started going to Masjid for my daily congregational Salahs as well as the Friday Salah. Therefore, the manuscript that was left incomplete due to my sickness now has been completed and presented to the readers with the title ‘Ajaaib-ul-Quran’ [Quranic Wonders – Part 1].
This collection is comprised of 65 such miraculous and strange anecdotes that are briefly discussed in the Glorious Quran and are chosen from different Surahs of the Holy Quran. Furthermore, a detailed description has also been provided relevant to these anecdotes and the lessons that are hidden in it are also presented under the heading of ‘Moral’.
I supplicate in the court of Allah  i that may this nineteenth book of mine also receive the blessings of acceptance like my other books and become beneficial for the humanity. May this effort become useful for the Hereafter, a means of forgiveness for me, my parents, teachers, students, acquaintances and my disciples and may make my maternal grandson Maulvi Fayz-ul-Haq Sahib – a practising Islamic scholar, bless him with good rewards as he assisted me in editing and publication of this book.
I have written this book in such physically feeble conditions that it is very hard for me to even walk but   my right hand is working and my head and heart are in perfect condition – my treatment is also in progress. The readers and the audience are requested to pray for me that may Allah Jz_;’i grant me recovery soon so that I may continue the work of teaching Ahadees, writing the religious books and sermons till my final hour.
Abdul Mustafa A’zami

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