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A STRANGE CASE in the court of Sayyiduna Dawood

But after hearing the message of Sayyiduna Dawood   , how was it possible for the guardians of the woman to give any heed towards the proposal of anyone else. Thus, the marriage took place. Such a marriage was neither contrary to the religious ethics nor was it against the traditions of society in those days.
However, the rank of Ambiya  requires even higher standards. Such a wedding was not appropriate for the dignity and status of Sayyiduna Dawood – Therefore, it was a Divine consent that Sayyiduna Dawood  should be made aware and informed of this.
As such, the means of this information began with the arrival of two angels in the holy court of Sayyiduna Dawood  . One of the angels took the role of respondent and the other took the role of a plaintiff. Instead of entering through the door, they entered the Masjid by climbing over the wall. Sayyiduna Dawood became slightly worried when he observed them climbing the wall. In response, the angels said, ‘Do not be afraid. We are two parties and one has oppressed the other. Therefore, make the right decision in our case and guide us towards the right path. Our case is this that my brother owns ninety-nine female sheep and I have only one sheep. He is asking me to give him the only sheep that I have and is pressurising me for same.’
Hearing this case, Sayyiduna Dawood   immediately declared, ‘Of course, this is unjust that he wants your sheep to mix into his herd, and there is no doubt that in situations which involve a joint partnership, partners often oppress one another, except those who have faith and perform righteous acts. But such people are few.’ After declaring the verdict in the case, he  realised and understood that in fact, this case was presented for his own testing. Therefore, he instantly bowed in Sajdah (prostration) and sought pardon from Allah  and Allah pardoned him. Therefore, the Holy Quran states:
We therefore forgave this (act) of his, and indeed for him in Our Majestic Court is, surely, special proximity and an excellent abode. 0 Dawood! We have indeed appointed you as (Our) Vicegerent in the earth, therefore judge between the people with the truth, and do not follow (your) desire which will lead you astray from Allah’s path.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 23, Surah Saad, Ayah 25-26)


 The dignity and the rank with which the Ambiya of Allah  are blessed with is extremely high and supreme. For this reason, they are informed by Allah  on even small issues. Such holy individuals are so obedient and humble in the court of Allah  that they seek pardon and prostrate to Allah  instantly even for minute issues. It is true:   (the good deeds of pious are considered sinful for the chosen people of Allah).

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