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A supplication Told By Sayyedna Khidar

‘Allamah Muhammad Bin Sammaak   was a great scholar of Hadees and a great Wali of Allah. Once he  fell seriously ill and a few of his disciples took his urine sample to show it to a Christian doctor. On the way, they met a beautifully dressed pious saint from whom fragrance was emanating. The pious saint inquired: ‘Where are you people going?’ They replied that Muhammad Bin Sammaak has fallen seriously ill and we have taken this urine sample of his and are taking it to so-and-so doctor. 
After hearing their words, he said:   For a friend of Allah, you are going to seek help from an enemy of Allah? Throw away this urine sample and return and tell Muhammad Bin Sammaak  to recite these Ayahs by placing his hand on the aching limb and blow on it:  
و بالحق انزلنہ و بالحق نزل 
(Part 15, Surah Bani Israel, Ayah 105)
After saying this, the pious saint disappeared and people went back to Muhammad Sammaak   and revealed him the whole incident. So he recited those two Ayahs by placing his hand on the aching limb and all of a sudden, he was cured. Afterwards, Muhammad Bin Sammaak  asked the people whether they have the knowledge about the identity of the person who told them these words. The people replied ‘no’ and said, ‘We did not recognize him’. Then Muhammad Bin Sammaak   said, ‘That pious saint was Sayyiduna Khidr  .1 
(I’afseer Madarik-ut-Tanzeel, vol. 3, pp. 195; part 15, Surah Bani Israel, Ayah 105) 
Such a small extract from the Ayah of the Holy Quran is proven remedy for every illness. It shuns out the illness if it is recited on an ailing part of the body by placing hand over it. But the pre-requisite condition is that the person who is reciting should be practical in following the Shari’ ah, should be honest and should be steadfast on earning through Halal means. Undoubtedly, for the remedy of ailments, this Ayah is among the wonders of the Holy Quran.  

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