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ABUJAHL and the Divine army

Abu Jahl prohibited the Rasool of mankind, the Peace of our heart and mind,
the most Generous and Kind from offering Salah in the Ka’bah. He used to announce publically, ‘If I would see Muhammad offering Salah, I will trample his [blessed] neck with my foot and will dirty his [blessed] face in the dust.’ Therefore, seeing the Beloved Rasool  offering Salah, he approached the Noble Rasool  with his evil intention, but he suddenly retreated with his
hands raised as someone does to prevent some danger. His face turned pale and every limb of his was shivering out of fear. His companions asked him, ‘How are you?’ He replied, ‘There is a trench between me and Muhammad   which is filled with fire and few terrifying and horrific birds have stretched their wings in it. I was so terrified from it that I could not move forward and somehow, I retreated out of tremor.’
After the Salah, the Beloved and Blessed Rasool affirmed, ‘Had Abu Jahl approached near me, the angels would have detached every limb of his.’
Even after this event, Abu Jahl did not abandon his devilish conduct and again started restricting the Greatest and Noblest Rasool   from offering Salah. In reaction, the Greatest Rasool  severely  rebuked him, which angered Abu Jahl and he said, ‘You are rebuking me despite knowing that there is no one with more supporters and larger gangs than me in Makkah. I swear by god! I will fill this field with horsemen and warriors to combat with you.’ In response to  this threat of Abu Jahl, the following Ayahs of Surah Al-‘ Alaq i.e. Surah Iqra were revealed. (I’afseer Khaza ‘in-ul-‘Irfan, pp. 1077; part 30, Surah Al-‘ Alaq, Ruku’ 1)
Allah said: 
Yes, certainly! if he does not abstain, We will definitely drag him by seizing the forelock. What kind of forelock! A lying, sinful one. So let him now call hi,s council (of helpers). We will now call the guards (of Hell).
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)J (Part 30, Surah Al-‘Alaq, Ayah 15-18)
It is mentioned in a Hadees that, had Abu Jahl called the people of his gang, the angels would have apprehended him openly, and he would not have been able to escape their grasp.
(I’afseer Khaza ‘in-ul-‘Irfan, pp. 1077; part 30, Surah Al-‘Alaq, Ayah 18)
Throughout his life time, Abu Jahl remained busy harming the Holy Rasool  and continued persuading others to do the same. In the end, he became victim to the wrath of Allah . He was killed shamefully by two small boys in the war of Badr and his dead body was thrown in a ditch of the field of Badr without any shroud or coffin. Similarly, all the enemies of the Holy Rasool were afflicted with different torments and destroyed. ! 

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