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  • Ark of Sayyiduna Nuh

    Sayyiduna Nuh preached the message of Allah to his people for nine hundred and fifty years but the unfortunate people…

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  • Pharaoh’s faith was not accepted

    At the time when pharaoh was drowning in the river along with his army, he proclaimed faith thrice, but his…

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  • Masjid Diraar was SET ON FIRE

    Hypocrites could not pluck the courage to oppose Islam openly. But they would remain busy cooking conspiracies against againstIslam and…

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    Wistful, he looked at Ka’bah Mukarramah from there and said, ‘O the city of Makkah! You are the most beloved…

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  • The battle of Hunayn

    After the conquest of Makkah, the influence of the Arab unbelievers had almost diminished, and the people were frequently entering into the fold…

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  • RAINFALL in the battlefield of Badr

    We have mentioned the details of the holy war of Badr in our book, ‘Seerat-e-Mustafa ‘. Here, we will show a…

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  • Sayyiduna Ilyas

    He is the deputy and the successor of Sayyiduna Hizqeel  . Many historians have agreement in the fact that he…

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  • A Conspiracy by hypocrites

    We have already mentioned a comprehensive description of the events of the battle of Uhud in our book ‘Seerat-e-Mustafa ‘.…

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    The Holy Quran has repeatedly mentioned the atrocities and chaos caused by the Jews in various chapters and has vely…

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  • ENEMIES of different levels

    The Holy Quran has frequently highlighted that every unbeliever  is the enemy of the Muslims. Hatred and enmity against the…

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