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The battle of Hunayn

After the conquest of Makkah, the influence of the Arab unbelievers had almost diminished, and the people were frequently entering into the fold of Islam in  groups. Noticing all this, a meeting was held between the chiefs of the tribes of ‘Hawazin’ and ‘Saqeef’. They counselled among each other that Muhammad   is now contented after dominating over his tribe (the Quraysh). Therefore, it is our turn now. So, why not we proceed for attacking the Muslims and obliterate them. Therefore, both the tribes of ‘Hawazin’ and ‘Saqeef’ appointed Maalik Bin ‘Awf Nadri as their king and started preparations for the war against the Muslims. Hearing about this, the Holy Rasool  marched towards the place Hunayn with an army of about 12000 men comprising of ten thousand Muhajireen and Ansaar, two thousand new Muslims of Makkah and eighty such unbelievers  who had not embraced Islam but became friends of the Muslims at their own
will, on the l()th Shawwal 8 AH, February 630 AD. When the instant of  battling came, the Holy Rasool   handed over the flag of Muhajireen to Sayyiduna ‘Ali  . Amongst the Ansaar, Sayyiduna
Hubaab Bin Munzar   was made the flag-bearer of the tribe of Bani
Khazraj and Sayyiduna Usayd Bin Hudayr was appointed as the
flag-bearer of the tribe of Aws. The Holy Rasool   equipped himself with weapons, wore a double armour, took an iron helmet upon his
blessed head, mounted upon his mule and led the Muslim army.
Some sort of arrogance invoked in the hearts of the Muslims upon seeing the large number of warriors in their  army. This came to such an extent that some people said that ‘nobody can defeat us today’ without saying . Allah did not like this attitude based on number and strength. As such, Allah gave a lesson to the Muslims in such a way that when the war broke, all of a sudden, the strategic groups of enemy who were hidden in the valleys of the surrounding mountains for guerrilla war began firing arrows excessively. The Muslims were panicked due to this rain of arrows. The formation of the Muslim army broke down and within a short span of time, they were scattered from their positions. Except for the Holy Rasool and a few Muhajireen and Ansaar, all the people fled from the battlefield.
In these dangerous circumstances and in such a critical time, the Beloved
Rasool kept advancing and he  was announcing this couplet loudly:
I am a Nabi and it is not a lie. I am the son of ‘Abdul Muttalib
Finally, on the advice of the Holy Rasool , Sayyiduna ‘Abbas   loudly called out to the Muslims that had fled and motivated
them by saying  . Upon hearing this call of Sayyiduna ‘Abbas , all faithful Muslims returned to the battlefield and gathered under the flag of the Beloved and Blessed Rasool  .They fought with such courage, determination and will for sacrificing their lives that the scenario of the battlefield changed altogether. Consequently, the Muslims became victorious after the defeat. The flag of Islam was hoisted high. Thousands of the unbelievers were arrested and many were killed. A lot of war booties were obtained. In this way, the influence of the Arab unbelievers died out. In the war of Hunayn, the outcome of the arrogance of some Muslims upon their numerical advantage in the form of defeat and then final victory, all has been mentioned by Allah  in the Holy Quran:
Indeed Allah helped you on many occasions, and on the day of Hunayn; when you had boasted about your multitude, so it did not benefit you at all. And the earth, despite being so vast, became narrow upon you, then you turned your backs; fleeing. Then Allah sent down His tranquillity upon His Messenger and upon the Muslims, and sent down armies which you did not see, and punished the disbelievers; and such is the punishment of deniers.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 10, Surah At-Taubah, Ayah 25-26)
This event of the battle of Hunayn proves that the Muslims do not attain victory in the battlefield due to the excess in numbers or war ammunitions, but victory actually depends upon the blessings of Allah  . If Allah  bestows His great blessings, then even the smallest of armies can overcome the largest of armies and win victory. If His blessings are not bestowed, then even the largest of armies get dominated and defeated by the smallest of armies. Therefore, it is mandatory for the Muslims to never depend upon the multitude of their army. Instead, they should always depend upon the favour and mercy from Allah .

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