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ENEMIES of different levels

The Holy Quran has frequently highlighted that every unbeliever  is the enemy of the Muslims. Hatred and enmity against the Muslims has occupied the hearts and minds of the unbelievers.
Their hearts are always blazing like a furnace due to the malice and spite against the Muslims. However, the question is that who is the biggest and the fiercest enemy of the Muslims among the three renowned sects: (1) the Jews, (2) the Mushrikeen (polytheists) or (3) the Christians? And which sect is comparatively mild in its hostility against the Muslims? The following Quranic Ayah of Surah Al-Mai’dah was revealed as an answer to these questions. Therefore, whilst having a firm belief in this Ayah of the Holy Quran, we should identify our major and minor enemies and should remain attentive of them. Allah  has said:
You will definitely find the Jews and the polytheists as the harshest enemies of the Muslims,- and you will definitely find the closest in friendship to the Muslims, those who used to say, ‘We are Christians.’ This is because among them are scholars and monks, and they are not arrogant (such as Najjashi and his companions).
[Kanz-ul-lman (Translation of Quran)J (Part 7, Surah Al-lviai’dah, Ayah 82)


In the light of this Ayah, look into the pages of history so that the truthfulness mentioned in this Ayah may become more evident to you. The Jews and the Mushrikeen have committed severe hostilities against the Muslims while the hostilities committed by the Christians are less severe. Therefore, the Muslims should consider the Jews and Mushrikeen as their worst enemies and should never trust them at all and should always remain vigilant of them. They should also maintain the belief about Christians that they are also enemies of the Muslims. However, they have some tenderness in their hearts for the Muslims. As such, they are enemies of a lesser degree as compared to the Jews and the Mushrikeen.
So this is the message of above mentioned Quranic Ayah. It openly warns the Muslims of their major and minor enemies. 

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