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RAINFALL in the battlefield of Badr

We have mentioned the details of the holy war of Badr in our book, ‘Seerat-e-Mustafa ‘. Here, we will show a glimpse of the Divine intervention which appeared in the form of rain and changed the entire scenario of the battlefield.
The Holy Rasool went to Badr along with 313 of his companions. Having approached close to Badr, the troops of the Muslims camped at ‘Udwa-tud-Dunya, which was towards Madinah. When Mushrikeen (polytheists) mobilized their army and reached Badr, they camped at ‘Udwa-tul-Qaswa, which was towards the Makkah side and further distant from Madinah. The battlefield mapped out in such a way that the Muslims and the unbelievers were face to face. However, the condition of the ground on the Muslims’ side was extremely sandy. The feet of the people and the hooves of horses were both sinking into the sand, and it was extremely difficult to walk and manoeuvre over there.
On the other hand, the ground on the unbelievers’ side was smooth and like a concrete floor. The unbelievers were more than three times in number, as well as were fully equipped with weapons. The ground realities were favouring them. Also, all the wells of water were under their control. The Muslims were facing acute shortage of water. They were worried how to get water for themselves and for their horses and how to perform Wudu and Ghusl! So, the blessed companions  were distressed and anxious. At that time, Satan whispered in the hearts of the Muslims by saying, ‘O the Muslims, you think that you are truthful in your belief! Amongst you is also the Rasool of Allah and you are the people of Allah. And the condition is such that the unbelievers have all control over water and you people are  offering your Salah without Wudu and Ghusl. You and your animals are becoming restless due to thirst!’
At this instant, all of a sudden, the help of Allah descended in the form of a heavy rain which made the sandy surface on the side of the Muslims hard like concrete  floor. Due to the uneven land, ponds of rain water developed. The land on the side of enemy turned into a quicksand and it became difficult for them to walk and manoeuvre on it. Due to the build-up of water ponds, the Muslims were no longer worried for water. The satanic whisper died out and the Muslims became contented.
In the Holy Quran, Allah  has described this unusual rain in these words:
And sent down water from the sky that He may purify you with it, and to remove the impurity of Shaytan from you, and to give courage to your hearts and firmly establishing your feet with it.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)J (Part 9, Surah AI-Anfaal, Ayah 11)
In this Quranic Ayah, Allah  has mentioned four ad vantages resulting by virtue of this sudden rainfall in the field of Badr: 
All those who were without Wudu and Ghusl, could perform Wudu and Ghusl to attain purity and cleanliness.
2. The satanic whisper was eliminated from the hearts of the Muslims.
3. The hearts of the Muslims were encouraged towards the fact that they are on the right path and Allah   will definitely help them.
4. Also, the sandy battlefield became suitable for movement.

To sum up, this rainfall became means of blessings for the Muslims and a trouble for the unbelievers.

Moral: In the battle of Badr, the Muslims faced such difficulties that the human intellect, based on the reasoning must have suggested nothing else other than to avoid the battle. However, the Muslims, who were strong in their faith, followed the command of the Rasool of Rahmah  and participated with utmost passion and will to sacrifice themselves in the fight for the truth against the falsehood. Despite not being equipped, they proceeded with steadfastness and high ambitions. Consequently, Allah  helped them in several ways. Let’s see the glimpses of Allah’s favour:  
1. In the eyes of the Muslims, the number of enemies seemed less than what it originally was, so that they might not become depressed. In the eyes of the unbelievers, the Muslims appeared smaller in number so that the unbelievers might not turn away from the battlefield and the battle between the truth and falsehood may not postpone. (Surah AI-Anfaal)
2. At another instant, the number of the Muslims seemed double in the eyes of the unbelievers so that the unbelievers may get defeated by the Muslims. (Surah Aal-e-‘Imran)
3. At first, 1000 angels were sent to help the Muslims. Then this number of angels was increased to 3000 and finally, the number of angels was increased to 5000. (Surah Aal-e-‘Imran)
4. Just before the instant of the combat, a state of drowsiness and sleep overcame the Muslims. They woke up after a few minutes and this nap gave them a new freshness and a stronger spirit. (Surah Al-Anfaal)
5. The rainfall from the skies made the sandy ground hard and firm for the Muslims and the ground for the unbelievers became a muddy and slippery quicksand. (Surah Al-Anfaal)
6. The outcome was that, in a very short span of time, many famous wrestlers and warriors of the unbelievers were killed. Therefore, seventy unbelievers were killed and seventy were arrested and kept hostage. Army of unbelievers ran away from the battlefield, leaving all of their belongings behind and all their belongings were taken by the Muslims as spoils of war.
Although the Muslims were victorious due to the abovementioned help and blessings of Allah , but still fourteen warriors of Islam attained the rank of martyrdom. (Az-Zurqaani, vol. 2, pp. 270)
This event warns us that if the Muslims would observe perseverance and courage having a firm belief in Allah , then despite being low in number and having insufficient means, surely the help from Allah   will descend and the Muslims will attain victory. This is such a tradition of Allah  that will never change until the Day of Judgement . The only requirement for this Divine help is that the Muslims should not deviate and no change should occur in their Islamic character and traits. The tradition of Allah has never changed and will never change. He has promised that:  
So you will never find the tradition of Allah changing. 
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)J (Part 22, Surah Al-Faatir, Ayah 43)

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