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DEMOLISHING OF IDOLS by Sayyiduna Ibraheem

In the dispute over idol worshiping, Sayyiduna Ibraheem firstly proved the truth by argumentation to his people. But the people did not accept the truth. Instead, they said, ‘Tomorrow is our day of Eid and a big carnival of ours will be held. Come there and witness the joy and pleasure in our religion.’
It was a custom of those people that they would hold an annual carnival. The people would gather in a jungle and would waste the whole day in useless amusements. Then in the evening, they would go to temples and worship  their idols and would present gifts, confectionary and delicious foods as a holy feast. Sayyiduna Ibraheem went towards the carnival on the invitation of the people for some distance, but came back home with an excuse of sickness. The people went to the carnival. Then all those who did not participate in the carnival, Sayyiduna Ibraheem told them in clear words:
And I swear by Allah, I shall seek to harm your idols after you have turned your backs {from your idols when you go to attend your festival).
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 17, Surah Al-Ambiya, Ayah 57)
Subsequently, he took an axe and made his way to the temple. He saw many small and big idols and a huge idol was placed in front of the door. Seeing these man-made gods, he became furious and broke those idols into pieces with his axe. He spared the biggest idol, placed the axe over its shoulder and left the temple. When the people returned from the carnival, they reached the temple to worship their idols. But they were stunned to see their gods broken into pieces. All of them started shouting.
Who has done this to our gods? He is indeed unjust.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 17, Surah Al-Ambiya, Ayah 59)

Some people said that they have heard a young man named ‘Ibraheem speaking ill of these idols. It was ordered to bring the young man in front of the people. Sayyiduna Ibraheem  was summoned and the people asked, ‘O Ibraheem! Are you the one who treated our gods like this?’ In reply, Sayyiduna Ibraheem   said, ‘The biggest idol might have done it because the axe is on its shoulder. Alternatively, why do you not inquire from your small demolished gods that who broke them into pieces? If these idols can speak, ask them and they themselves will tell you who broke them.’ The people lowered their heads and said, ‘O Ibraheem! How can we ask these gods? You are well aware that these idols cannot speak.’ Hearing this, Sayyiduna Ibraheem  said out emotionally:
He (Ibraheem) said, ‘Do you worship, instead of Allah, who neither benefits you nor harms you. Shame on you and on those idols whom you worship instead of Allah, so do you not have sense?’
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 17, Surah Al-Ambiya, Ayah 66-67)
Hearing this truthful speech of Sayyiduna Ibraheem ‘ the people did not give any reply. Instead, they started wailing and called their people:
Bum him and help your gods, if you are to do (so).
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 17, Surah Al-Ambiya, Ayah 68)
Therefore, the tyrants now ignited a huge fire and the flames of this fire were so high that not even a bird could fly over it. Then they unclothed him and threw him into the fire by means of a catapult, and they assumed in their minds that Sayyiduna Ibraheem  would have been burnt and turned to ashes. But Allah  ordered the fire:
We said, ‘O fire! Become cool and peaceful upon Ibraheem.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)J (Part 17, Surah Al-Ambiya, Ayah 69)
Therefore, the outcome for this has been described by the Holy Quran in its alarming words:
And they wished to cause him harm, so We made them the greatest of losers.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 17, Surah Al-Ambiya, Ayah 70)
Thus the fire extinguished and Sayyiduna Ibraheem came out safe and alive. The tyrants stunned to see this miracle.

Trust of Sayyiduna Ibraheem in Allah

It has been reported that when Namrood threw Sayyiduna Ibraheem  into the blazing fire in front of a huge crowd of his people, all the creatures in the earth and skies started crying and supplicating in the court of Allah.
‘O Rab ! Your Khaleel  is being put into fire and there is none except him on the earth to proclaim Your oneness and he is devoted to You. Therefore, allow us to render our help and assistance to him.’ Allah replied, ‘Ibraheem is My Khaleel and I am his Creator. If Ibraheem calls you for support, then you are allowed to help him. But if he does not seek help from anyone except Me, then all of you note that I am his Friend and Protector. Thus leave his matter unto Me.’ After this, the angel of water came to Sayyiduna Ibraheem   and said, ‘If you order, I can extinguish the fire by showering water over it.’ Then came the angel of wind and presented himself and said, ‘If you order, I can blow the fire away with a powerful hurricane.’ Sayyiduna Ibraheem   said to both these angels, ‘I am not in need of you.
My Allah (is Sufficient for me and He  fulfils my needs. He  will help me whenever He  would like.’
(As-Saawi, vol. 4, pp. 1307; part 17, Surah Al-Ambiya, Ayah 68)
Which supplication did he invoke before being thrown into fire?
In one of the reports, it has been mentioned that when the unbelievers threw him into the fire, he  invoked the following supplication:
When he  was thrown into the flames of the fire, Sayyiduna Jibra ‘eel   came and said, ‘O Khaleel of Allah, do you have any need?’ He  replied, ‘I have no need of you,’ then Sayyiduna Jibra’eel  said, ‘Seek help from Allah .’ Sayyiduna Ibraheem  replied, ‘My Allah is Well-Aware of my condition. Therefore, I do not need to ask Him.’ At that time, the blessed age of Sayyiduna Ibraheem   was sixteen or twenty years.

How long did he remain in the fire for? 

There are three reports about how long he remained in the fire for:
1. Some are of the opinion that he remained in the blazing flames of the fire for seven days.
2. Some have reported that he remained so for forty days.
3. Some are of the opinion that he  remained in the fire for fifty days.  (As-Saawi, vol. 4, pp. 1307; part 17, Surah Al-Ambiya, Ayah 68)


From this event, there is encouragement for those people who stand firm like mountains in their determination against the forces of evil. 

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