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Everlasting reward!

‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar narrated that the Prophet ﷺ talked about a servant of the Servants of Allah. He recited a Du’a whereupon the two recording angels felt heavy and did not know how to register his reward. The Angels ascended to Allah and said “O our Lord, We do not know how to record his reward when he said these words “Allah Almighty replied, “What did he say? “ The second Angel replied: “he says Ya Rabbi…. “. Then Allah Almighty said: “write rewards as what was just spoken by him until he meets Me, I will reward him”.(Ibn Majjah: 3801 … Sua’bul Imaan: 4077)

رَبِّ لَکَ الْحَمْدُ کَمَا یَنْبَغِی لِجَلَالِ

وَعَظِیْمِ سُلْـطَانِکَ

O my Lord, all praises be to You as it should be, due to Your Might and the Greatness of Your Power.

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