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The five leaders of the unbelievers of Quraysh namely (1) ‘Aas Bin Waa’il Sahmi (2) Aswad Bin Muttalib (3) Aswad Bin’ Abd-e-Yaghoos (4) Haaris Bin Qays (5) Waleed Bin Mughayrah used to oppress the Holy Nabi   excessively and would ridicule the Beloved Rasool . One day,  when the Greatest Rasool  came in Masjid-ul-Haraam, these five wretched transgressors followed him. As per their habit, they started ridiculing and taunting him. Meanwhile, Sayyiduna Jibra ‘eel came to the Holy Rasool and pointed towards the calf of Waleed Bin Mughayrah, foot sole of ‘Aas Bin W aa ‘il, eyes of Aswad Bin Muttalib, belly of Aswad Bin ‘Abd-e-Yaghoos and towards the head of Haaris Bin Qays and said, ‘I will eliminate the evil of these people.’
Therefore, within a short span of time, these enemies of the Holy Rasool perished being struck  by different calamities. W aleed Bin Mughayrah passed by the shop of an arrow seller. All of a sudden, the head of an arrow struck in his trouser. But due to arrogance, he did not bow his head down to remove it and started removing the arrow whilst standing and by stirring the trouser. Due to this, his shin got injured badly and the wound did not heal up. Consequently he died of it having suffered severe agonies of pain.
A thorn pricked in the foot of’ Aas Bin Waa ‘il Sahmi and poison developed in his foot. Consequently, his foot swelled to the size of the neck of a camel. He died of it having suffered from severe and unbearable pain.
The eyes of Aswad Bin Muttalib suffered such severe pain that he turned blind. Due to the intensity of the pain, he would become restless and would bang his head against the wall again and again. He died in this very state of pain and suffering and whilst he was dying, he was uttering that Muhammad  has killed me Aswad Bin I Abd-e-Yaghoos suffered from the disease of stomach bloating. His stomach swelled excessively. He also perished suffering the extreme agony and pain of this disease.
The nose of Haaris Bin Qays started bleeding and excessive pus started coming out of it. He perished and died under this state. This is how these five blasphemers perished within a very short span of time being struck with severe calamities. (Iafseer As-Saawi, vol. 31 pp. 1052-1053; part 14, Surah Ar-Ra’d, Ayah 95)
Allah revealed the following Ayah of the Holy Quran in the context of these five blasphemers:  Indeed We are sufficient for you against these mockers. Those who ascribe another deity along with Allah; so they will soon come to know.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)J (Part 14, Surah Al-Hijr, Ayah 95-96)
Moral: Ridiculing, taunting, oppressing or disrespecting the Ambiya  of Allah  is such a grave sin that the wrath and torment of Allah   never forgives the transgressors who commit such sins. Such people were sometimes made to perish by drowning; sometimes they were destroyed by the shower of stones, and sometimes their communities were shredded into pieces by being turned up side down through the tremors of earthquake. Some were killed with humiliation, some died after  suffering from serious diseases and some
died in a state of excessive pain and agony on their deathbeds.
Even in the current era, those blasphemers who disrespect the honour and dignity of the Beloved Rasool  should listen with their ears wide open that even though their treasure of faith has already been destroyed,  they will suffer utter disaster soon and the earth will be sanctified of their accursed and filthy presence. Listen carefully! The promise of Allah  can never go wrong. Therefore, you should wait and we are also waiting. If you wish to be saved from the extreme consequences of the severe torment from Allah , then there is only one way out. That is to repent sincerely and fill your heart with sincere and unparalleled devotion to the Holy Rasool   and make it a code of your life to show reverence and respect for the Holy Rasool through your words and actions. Then you will see the blessings of Allah  descending unto you on every step and you will be blessed with a faithful end, bringing the blessings and bounties of both the worlds for you.

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