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The people of Sayyiduna Nuh turned into idol worshippers. They had five idols that were very famous. The whole nation was sunk in their worship. The names of these five idols were: (1) Wadd (2) Suwaa’ (3) Yaghoos (4) Ya’ooq (5) Nasr. Sayyiduna Nuh would deliver sermons against idol worshipping. Therefore, the people of his nation would dishonour him publicly and would tease him by different means. Therefore, the Holy Quran has mentioned:
And they said, ‘Never abandon your gods, and never abandon Wadd, and Suwa’, and Yaghoos and Ya’ooq and Nasr (names of their idols).’ And indeed they have misled a large number. (Part 29, Surah Nuh, Ayah 23-24)
Who were these five idols? Sayyiduna ‘Urwah Bin Zubayr  has mentioned regarding them that these were the five sons of Sayyiduna Aadam, who were very religious and devout worshippers. People had great love and respect for them. When all five passed away, their death was a cause of great affliction and adversity for people. Satan, whilst condoling and attempting to comfort them, advised them to make statues of these five virtuous people and to continuously gladden their hearts by viewing them repeatedly. Therefore, people made statues of brass and lead and kept them in their Masajid. For the first few days, the people visited to behold these statutes but later they began to worship them abandoning the worship of Allah. (I’afseer As-Saawi, vol. 6, pp. 2245; part 29, Surah Nuh, Ayah 23)
Sayyiduna Nuh kept on preaching his people to abandon idol worshipping for nine hundred and fifty years. Eventually, they were all drowned and destroyed in a flood. However, Satan did not abstain from his evil tricks and continued teaching idol worshipping to people in every era. People would make portraits and statutes of their pious people. For a few days, they would visit them and satisfy their souls by beholding them. Then gradually, they would begin to worship these portraits and statues. This way, the whole world sunk into the curse of polytheism and idol worshipping. The virtue of worshipping Allah and devout monotheism began to gloom away. In order to rekindle it, Allah consecutively sent Ambiya  one after the other until the advent of our Beloved Rasool who uprooted idol worshipping by prohibiting portraits and making of statues. He issued the ruling that no one should make any statue or picture of another person, or even of a living creature and those that have already been made, should be completely obliterated and destroyed instantly wherever they are seen, so that the sin is uprooted from its roots.


Nowadays, the disciples of several Shuyookh (Peers) have framed portraits of their Shay kh in their homes, and on certain occasions, the people go to behold these portraits. Even some decorate them with flower garlands, incense sticks, and apply the smoke of incense sticks on their bodies. If such people are not prevented from these evil deeds and if the scholars of Ahl-us­Sunnah do not make efforts for the prevention of these deeds, there is a risk that the past evil of worshipping the portraits may break out again in corning days. It must be noted that the evil of idol worshipping that the Noblest Rasool  had eliminated utterly is again being planted by illiterate, heretic Shuyookh and their superstitious disciples. There is no hope that these illiterate and worldly Shuyookh of these times speak out against these evil practices. However, it is hoped that the true and righteous Islamic scholars of Ahl-us-Sunnah will certainly raise their voice against these corrupt beliefs and devilish practices, . It is evident from history that whenever Islam was attacked by heretics from within, it was the Islamic scholars of Ahl-us-Sunnah who put their lives at stake and saved Islam.
But how can we get rid of this evil in these times! The Shari’ah-violating so-called spiritual guides and cunning exorcists have hired services of  materialistic scholars by paying commission and in turn, these scholars are promoting their fake spirituality calling them ‘Majzoob’ and holy men. These materialistic scholars are busy hoarding the gifts presented to them by these fake exorcists, and if any genuine and rightful Islamic scholar utters anything against these so-called exorcists, they call their supporters to degrade him.
Many a time I appealed the scholars of Ahl-us-Sunnah to come forward for the sake of Allah and requested them to at least pass a unanimous Fatwa for the sake of the truth publically proclaiming that these dean-shaven un­Islamic exorcists are open transgressors (Faasiq-e-Mu’lin) and have no link with true Wilayah. However, it is a great pity that I did not come across even a single scholar to accept this humble plea of mine. Instead, I came to know that the mercenary scholars are backing these fake exorcists. 

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