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Flood that struck the PEOPLE OF SABA

‘Saba’ was an Arab tribe known from their ancestor Saba Bin Yashjab Bin Ya’rib Bin Qahtan. Their village was situated six-mile away from the city of San’ a, in Yemen. The climate and the atmosphere of this village was so pure and clean that there was neither a single mosquito nor a fly, neither a flea nor a bed bug, neither a snake nor a scorpion. Moreover, the weather was very moderate, neither cold nor hot. Its gardens would bear excessive fruits. When anybody passed with basket on his head, his basket would get filled with fruits without an effort of plucking. In short, these people were living a luxurious and prosperous life. But due to excess of riches, these people turned insolent and transgressor. Allah consecutively sent thirteen  Ambiya one after the other who reminded them about the blessings of Allah and admonished them from the Divine torment. But these transgressors refuted the prestigious Ambiya of Allah  and the chief of the people, ‘Hammad’ was so insolent and arrogant that when his child died, he spitted facing towards the sky and proclaimed his unbelief (Kufr). He openly started arousing people towards unbelief and anybody who refused him, he would kill him. In a very rude and malevolent way, he used to say to Ambiya to ask Allah to snatch His blessings away from them. 
When the sins and disobedience of Hammad and his people exceeded, then Allah struck them with flood. This flood demolished and ruined all their gardens, estates and riches and the whole village was buried under the mounds of sand. This is how these people were ruined, and their devastation became an example for the Arabian Peninsula. Fine and tasty fruits were replaced with wild bush and furious horrendous forests and these people became starved of fruits.

How did the flood emerge? 

On the outskirts of the town of the tribe of Saba and in the midst of mountains, queen Bilqees constructed a dam in such a manner that three large ponds of water were formed on top of each other. By the command of Allah , a mouse burrowed a hole in the wall of this dam and it gradually  became a huge opening, and consequently the wall of the dam collapsed. All of a sudden, a powerful flood emerged. The people of this town were completely oblivious of this hole and were peacefully living in their homes while all of a sudden, the furious waves of the flood destroyed their town. There was a mass ruin, wreckage and desolation everywhere. Allah  has described the incident of the people of Saba and the great flood in the Holy Quran in the following words:
Indeed for (the tribe of) Saha was a sign in their dwelling-place; two gardens, ( one) on the right and (one on) the left, ‘Eat the sustenance of your Lord and he grateful to Him.’ A pure city and a Most Forgiving Lord. Thus they turned away, We therefore sent upon them a devastating flood, and in exchange for their two gardens gave them two gardens instead hearing hitter fruit, and tamarisk ( a hitter fruit), and some berries. We gave them this reward; the recompense of their ungratefulness. And whom do We punish? Only to the one who is the ungrateful.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 22, Surah Saba, Ayahs 15-17)
Moral: All this ruin and wreckage of the people of Saba tribe was due to their insolence and ungratefulness towards the bounties and blessings of Allah . When their misdeeds and disrespectful attitude towards the Ambiya of Allah increased, then the Divine torment appeared in the form of flood and destroyed them all. It is true that the fruit of righteousness is prosperity, while that of sinfulness is destruction and desolation.
Therefore, it is mandatory for every nation who is blessed with the bounties and blessings of Allah to observe gratitude and to always avoid evil deeds and insolence. Otherwise, there is a potential danger of the Divine torment to be inflicted upon them. Because the nation that makes disobedience and misdeeds is always ruined and wrecked by the Divine torment.

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