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Four distinct women

1.) Wahilah 

She was the wife of Sayyiduna Nuh . She was honoured to be the wife of a true Nabi  and she remained in his blessed company for many years. However, it is her bad fate that is worth taking a lesson from. She  was not destined to embrace the true faith and to be among believers, and instead, due to the animosity, offensiveness and disrespectfulness towards Sayyiduna Nuh  , she died as an unbeliever and was made to enter the Hell. She was always busy propagating false conspiracies against Sayyiduna Nuh   among her people by saying that he  is insane and crazy and hence do not obey him.

2.) Waa’ilah 

She was the wife of Sayyiduna Loot  – She was also blessed to be married to a highly ranked Nabi and spent many years in his company. However, she was hurled down by her bad fate to such an extent that it never let her embrace the true faith with a truthful heart. For her whole life, she remained a hypocrite and kept hiding her hypocrisy. When the Divine torment struck the people of Loot, and the rain of stones commenced, at that time, Sayyiduna Loot  gathered his household and the believers and left the town. ‘Waa’ilah’ was also with him. Sayyiduna Loot had already warned them not to look back towards the town, otherwise they will also suffer the torment. Therefore, none of the companions of Sayyiduna Loot tll!J1 􀀃 looked back and all of them remained safe. But as Waa’ilah was a hypocrite, she looked behind towards the town and disobeyed the command of Sayyiduna Loot – When she witnessed the whole city being upside down and thrown around, she started screaming ‘ (Oh my people!)’. The very moment these words slipped her tongue, suddenly a stone of Divine torment hit her. She died and was made to enter Hell.

3.) Aasiyah 

Sayyidatuna Aasiyah , daughter of Mazahim was the wife of pharaoh. Although pharaoh was the worst enemy of Sayyiduna Musa ‘ but when Sayyidatuna Aasiyah observed magicians being dominated by Sayyiduna Musa , then instantly the light of faith illuminated in her heart and she embraced the true faith. When the tyrant pharaoh came to know of this, he tormented her with severe punishments. He persecuted her by attaching her hands and feet with metal nails to four implanted poles in such a way that she could not even move. Then after cutting-off her food and water, he placed a heavy stone on her chest and laid her in the sweltering heat of the sun. However, despite such difficulties and tortures, she remained persevered and steadfast in her faith, sought refuge from Allah and continued invoking for Paradise. In this very state, she came to a blissful end and she entered into Heaven. It is narrated by lbn Keesan that she   was taken up to Heaven alive.

4.) Maryam 

Sayyidatuna Maryam , the daughter of ‘Imran is the mother of Sayyiduna ‘Isa . Because Sayyiduna ‘Isa  was born from her womb without a father, that’s why she was severely persecuted through accusations and taunting by the people. However, she  observed patience and was excelled to such glorified ranks and honours that Allah has mentioned her praise and commendation many times in the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran has elaborated these four women in the Surah At-Tahreem. Its translation is as follows:
Allah explains the example of the disbelievers; the wife of Nuh and the wife of Loot; they were bonded in marriage to two of Our bondsmen deserving Our closeness, then they (i.e. the wives of the Prophets) betrayed them, so they did not benefit them from (the punishment oj) Allah, in the least, and it was declared that, ‘Both of you women enter Hell, along with others who enter (Hell). And Allah explains an example of the Muslims; the wife of Fir’ awn; when she prayed, ‘O my Lord! Build a house for me by You, in Paradise, and rescue me from Fir’ awn and his action, and rescue me from the unjust people.’ And the (example) of Maryam the daughter of ‘Imran, who guarded her chastity, We therefore breathed into her (through Jibra ‘eel) a Spirit from Ourselves, and she testified the Words of her Lord and His Books, and was amongst the obedient.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 28, Surah At-Tahreem, Ayah 10-12)


 Though Wahilah and Waa’ilah were both wives of the Ambiya , but due to being enticed by hypocrisy and unbelief, they were destined for Hell. On the contrary, the wife of such a rude pagan like pharaoh, Sayyidatuna Aasiyah earned Heaven due to her firm faith. When the truth was revealed to her, she  then embraced faith in such a way that she discarded all the luxuries, and despite the inconceivable agonies and pains, she remained steadfast in her faith. Without doubt, these events are admonitory.

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