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Greatness of the HORSES OF MUJAHIDIN

What a great rank is held by the Islamic warriors who perform Jihad in the path of Allah ! Regarding this, Allah has praised such brave men in numerous Ayahs of the Holy Quran. In Surah Al-‘ Aadiyaat, Allah has described the splendour and grandeur of the horses of these warriors, and has mentioned their honour and glory by bearing the oath of the speed and flair of these horses. Allah  says:
By those (horses) that run, with a panting breath (in war). Then bring out sparks from stones by striking (their) hooves. And by those who raid ( on enemies) at dawn. Then thereby blowing dust. Then penetrate in the midst of the enemy forces. Indeed man is very ungrateful towards his Lord.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)J (Part 30, Surah Al-‘Aadiyaat, Ayah 1-6)
The commentators are agreed unanimously that these horses refer to the horses of Islamic warriors; which are so reverent and esteemed in the court of Allah that He  has sworn an oath mentioning these horses and their elegance. Therefore, Allah said, ‘I swear by those horses who sprint during holy war whilst breathing heavily, I swear by those horses who bring  out sparks by striking their shod hoofs on the stones during night, I swear by those horses who raid infidels in the early morning, I swear by those horses who run in the battlefield raising clouds of dust and I swear by those horses who break into the army of infidels.’ After bearing so many oaths, Allah  said, ‘Man is very ungrateful to his Rab.’
 How honourable the one is that is mentioned by Allah swearing an oath! The greatness of all those things that Allah has mentioned for swearing oath is unquestionable and all such things bear very high reverence in the eyes of the Muslims. So, how high will be the reverence of the horses of Islamic warriors! 
Moral: From this, we learnt that Allah loves each and every thing of His beloved people and all the belongings of the beloved people of Allah bear reverence and dignity. Since Islamic warriors are dear to Allah, Allah likes even their horses and swear an oath by mentioning them,  –
Since the Holy Quran mentions the exalted status of the horses of Islamic warriors, it can be deduced that the reverence of the weapons, ammunition, bows and swords of warriors is also very high. That’s why people have preserved the swords of some Islamic warriors in shrines for ages as sacred relics for getting blessings from and to pay respect. 

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