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Harmony between ISLAM AND KUFR is impossible

A delegation of the unbelievers of Quraysh came to the Beloved and Blessed Rasool and said, ‘If you follow our religion, then we will follow yours. You worship our creators (idols) for a year, and we will worship your Creator, Allah for a year.’ The Rasool of Rahmah  replied, ‘May Allah save me from the act that I associate partners to Him.’ Upon hearing this, the unbelievers of Quraysh said, ‘If you cannot worship the idols, then at least place your hand on one of our idols. We will then acknowledge you and begin worshipping your Rab.’
On this occasion, Surah Al-Kafiroon was revealed. The Beloved and Blessed Rasool went to the Holy Ka’bah and recited this Surah to the unbelievers of Quraysh. Consequently, they became hopeless. Being stirred with anger, they began distressing the Holy Rasool in various ways. (I’afseer Khaza ‘in-ul-‘Irfan, pp. 1085; part 30, Surah Al-Kafiroon, Ayah 1) 
Say you (O Beloved), ‘O disbelievers! I do not worship what you worship. And nor do you worship whom I worship. And I shall not worship whom you have worshiped. Nor will you worship whom I worship. For you is your religfon, and for me is my religion.’
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)J (Part 30, Surah Al-Kafiroon, Ayah 1-6)


 The moral that we deduce from the message in this Surah and through the blessed traditions of the Beloved and Blessed Rasool is that there can never be harmony between Islam and Kufr. Those Muslims who take part in the religious ceremonies of unbelievers to please them and give donations in such polytheistic rituals of idolatry should take a lesson from this Surah and should believe that monotheism and polytheism can never coexist. A monotheist can never be a polytheist and a polytheist can never be a monotheist.

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