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Mount Joodi

The ark of Sayyiduna Nuh kept sailing in the turbulent waves of the great flood for six months. It also performed circumambulation of the holy Ka’bah circuiting around it for seven times. Then, by the conunand of Allah , this ark stopped on Mount Joodi whid1 is located in ‘Jazeerah’, a city in Iraq.
It is reported that Allah said to all mountains that Nuh’s ark will stop on one of the mountains. All mountains became proud but the Mount Joodi showed humbleness and meekness. Therefore, Allah blessed it with the privilege that the ark parked on it. It is also narrated that the planks of wood of this ark survived for a very long time until some people of the next  Ummahs saw those planks of wood on Mount Joodi. The event of parking of this ark on Mount Joodi took place on ‘Aashura, the 10th of Muharram-ul­Haraam. Therefore, all the occupants of the ark i.e. humans, birds, animals and beasts, all observed fast out of gratitude on the same date. After getting off the ark, Sayyiduna Nuh founded a town and named it ‘Samaneen’. In the Arabic language, ‘Samaneen’ means ‘eighty’. This is because there were eighty people on the ark, so the village was named as ‘Samaneen’.
(Iafseer As-Saaw( vol. 31 pp. 914-915; part 12, Surah Hood, Ayah 44) 

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