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Sayyiduna ldrees

His name is ‘ Akhnaukh’ and he is the grandfather of Sayyiduna Nuh’s father. He is the first Rasool after Sayyiduna Aadam. His father is Sayyiduna Shees Bin Aadam- He  is the first person ever to write with a pen. Sewing clothes and wearing sewed clothes also started by  him as prior to this, people would wear animal hides. He is also the first one in making weapons, weighing scales and looking in to the science of astronomy and mathematics. All these things were initiated by him. Allah descended thirty scriptures unto him and he  would frequently give lessons [Oars] from the books of Allah . For this reason, he   became famous by the title of ‘Idrees’. It became so renowned that many people are unaware of his real name. The Holy Quran has also mentioned his name as ‘Idrees’.
Allah  has lifted him up to the skies. It has been mentioned in Bukhari and Muslim that on Shab-e-Mi’raaj, the Noblest Rasool met Sayyiduna Idrees  on the fourth
sky. It has been stated by Sayyiduna ”
Ka’b-ul-Ahbaar  and others,
that once Sayyiduna Idrees   said to the Angel of Death, ‘I want to taste death to see how it is! Take away my soul and show me.’ The Angel of Death followed his command and took away his soul. Instantly, he returned it back to him and Sayyiduna Idrees  revived back to life. Then he  said,
‘Show me the Hell so that the fear of Allah may intensify in my heart’. Therefore, this command was also fulfilled. After seeing Hell, he asked the guard of Hell, ‘Open the gate, I wish to pass through it.’ Therefore, the command was fulfilled and he passed across it. He asked the Angel of Death to show him the Paradise. So he took him in to the Paradise.
After waiting for some time in the Paradise, the Angel of Death asked him to return back. But he  replied, ‘I will not go anywhere from here.
Allah  has said   کل نفس ذائقۃ الموت(i.e. every life is to taste death) and I have already tasted death and Allah  has also said that وان منکم الا واردھا,)
(i.e. and there is no one amongst you who shall not cross over Hell) and I have passed over it. Now I have reached Paradise and about those who will reach Paradise, Allah وما ھم منھا بمخرجین) (i.e. those who will enter
Paradise will not be expelled from it). So now why are you asking me to leave the Paradise?’ Allah sent Divine revelation to the Angel of Death, ‘Whatever (Sayyiduna) Idrees (t)(!J1 9.0) has done; he has done it with My consent and has entered the Paradise with My permission. Therefore, leave him. He will live in Paradise.’ Therefore, Sayyiduna Idrees  is alive above the skies in the Paradise.
(Khazaain-ul-‘Irfan, pp. 556-557; part 16, Surah Maryam, Ayah 56-58)
There is a brief description of the ascension of Sayyiduna Idrees t)(!J1 4″ in Surah Maryam of the Holy Quran:
And remember Idrees in the Book; he was indeed exceptionally truthful, a conveyor of the unseen news (a Nabk). And We raised him to a high station. It is these upon whom Allah has bestowed favour from amongst the conveyors of the unseen news (i.e. Ambiya) from the descendants of Aadam.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 16, Surah Maryam, Ayah 56-58)


The lesson that we get from the event of Sayyiduna Idrees is that Allah has bestowed His Rusul and Ambiya with enormous blessings and excellence. Therefore, it is compulsory and necessary for every Muslim that he should be extremely respectful towards all Rusul and Ambiya ‘ as it is a necessity and kernel of our faith. Remembrance of Rusul and Ambiya  is a source of Divine blessings.
The graceful mention of blessed Rusul and Ambiya  of Allah  repeatedly in the Ayahs of the Holy Quran and in Ahadees is the evidence that observing reverence as regards to them and the remembrance of these sacred people is a source of blessings, mercy and all goodness. 

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