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Seventy people resurrected after their demise

When Sayyiduna Musa  went to the Mount Sinai [Kauh-e-Toor] for forty days, Saamri, the hypocrite made a statue similar to a calf with melted silver and gold jewellery and poured the dust in the mouth of that calf which he acquired from under the hoofs of the horse of Sayyiduna Jibra’eel  . Due to this, the statue of the calf became alive and started to speak. Showing this, Saamri addressed the public and said, ‘O people of Israel, (Sayyiduna) Musa has gone to Mount Sinai to talk to Allah but god himself has come to us.’ Then he pointed towards the calf and falsely claimed that ‘it is god’. Saamri made such a deceptive speech that Bani Israel started believing in calf being god and they started worshipping it. When Sayyiduna Musa  returned from the Mount Sinai and witnessed Bani Israel worshipping the calf, he  became extremely angry; and out of wrath and enragement, destroyed the calf into pieces. Then the commandment of Allah  was revealed that all those who did not worship the calf, should kill those who worshipped the calf. Therefore, seventy thousand calf worshippers were killed.
After this, the command was revealed that Musa should choose seventy people and take them on Mount Sinai, seek pardon for the calf worshipers by supplicating for them. Therefore, Sayyiduna Musa   chose seventy righteous people and took them to the Mount Sinai. When  these people started supplications on the Mount Sinai and sought pardon while repenting,  then a voice from Allah   was heard,  ‘O people of Israel, I am the Only  One; there is none worthy of  worship except Me. I am the One Who saved you from the tyranny of pharaoh. Therefore, you people should worship Me only and should not worship anyone other than Me.’  After listening to this address from
Allah , these seventy men said
collectively, ‘O Musa ! We will not
believe at all in what you say until and unless
we do not see Allah in front of us.’ These seventy men insisted and became stubborn upon their plea and said to Sayyiduna Musa that let them behold the vision of Allah  ; otherwise they will not accept at all that Allah  has said all this. Sayyiduna Musa  explained and tried to convince them a lot but these rude and deviated people remained insistent and stubborn upon their demand. Their stubbornness and rudeness increased to such an extent that Allah  expressed His wrath in such a way that an angel came and yelled such a frightening scream that their hearts tore apart and due to the fear and horror, these seventy men died. Then Sayyiduna Musa  had some conversation with Allah   and supplicated for their  resurrection. Thus, these people were resurrected.
(Iafseer As-Saawi, vol. 1, pp. 64-65; part 1, Al-Baqarah, Ayah 55-56)
And (recall) when you said, ‘O Musa, we shall never believe you, until we see Allah clearly,’ then a thunderbolt overpowered you whilst you were watching. Then We brought you back to life after your death that you might acknowledge the favour.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 1, Surah Al-Baqarah, Ayah 55-56)


l. From this incident, we learnt that it is very dangerous and heinous to remain stubborn upon one’s own point of view against the viewpoint of a Rasool. Then, the resurrection of these seventy men is a display of the Power of Allah so that the people embrace belief in the fact that Allah will resurrect all the dead people on the Day of Judgement.
2. We have also come to know from this incident that it was a law in the Shari’ah of Sayyiduna Musa  that anyone who committed the sin of polytheism (Shirk) shall be killed. Then when the righteous people of the nation apologized and sought repentance on their behalf, only then the repentance of those sinners was accepted. However, the Shari’ah of our
Nabi Muhammad   is quite lenient. For acceptance of the repentance in this Shari’ ah, it is sufficient for the one committing the sin of unbelief and polytheism to seek pardon with a sincere and remorseful heart in the court of Allah   having a firm determination
not to commit that sin ever again. Allah will accept his repentance and will forgive his sins. The sinner will not be killed for acceptance of the repentance.

  All this is by virtue of the Beloved N abi Muhammad
 as he   is extremely compassionate, merciful and kind towards his Ummah. By virtue of the Rasool of Rahmah, the Intercessor of Ummah , Allah  is also extremely Kind and Merciful towards the Ummah of His Beloved. 

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