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Allah  is All-Powerful. If He like, He  may create thousands of human beings within an instant. But despite possessing all the powers, Allah blesses the man with existence in stages by virtue of His perfect wisdom. Therefore, after reaching the womb of the mother, the human semen adopts different shapes undergoing different changes acquiring particular instinct and adopts the shape of clotted blood. Then the clotted blood converts into a piece of flesh. Then the piece of flesh turns into bones. Afterward, a layer of flesh grows on these bones and whole body is formed. Then, soul is put into it. The non-living body becomes a living being and is bestowed with various  faculties and powers like listening, speaking and understanding etc. Then the mother delivers this baby. This is how a human being comes into existence passing through different stages. Therefore, the Holy Quran has portrayed these different stages of the human creation in the following words:
Then made him a drop of fluid in a strong resting place. We then turned the drop of fluid into a clot of blood, then the clot of blood into a lump of flesh, then the lump of flesh into bones, then clothed the bones with flesh, then developed it into an another form. So Allah is The Most Auspicious, The Best Creator.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 18, Surah Al-Mu’minoon, Ayah 13-14)


What is the wisdom and strategy of Allah in forming different stages of human creation? A complete understanding of all these Divine secrets is beyond the scope of the ordinary human beings. However, there are several moral lessons in it for everybody. One must not be negligent of his lowly origin and about the fact that Allah   developed him into such a beautiful being. After contemplating about his creation, a man should always hold a strong belief in the omnipotence of Allah and should never let arrogance and self-importance creep up in his heart. Realizing that he has been created from a drop of semen, one should always adopt humility and should lead a life of simplicity. By virtue of such contemplation, one should strongly believe in the Day of Judgment considering that the One Who has made him a human from a drop of semen definitely has the power to resurrect him and hold him accountable for his righteous and sinful deeds.

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