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THUNDERBOLT struck the blasphemer

Few companions of the Holy Rasool were sent for the preaching of Islam to a person who was among the leaders of the Arab unbelievers. Therefore, they went to him and invited him towards Islam by conveying him the message of Allah  and His  Rasool . That wretched blasphemer said in a ridicule tone to make fun of that: Who is Allah? How is He? And where is He? Is He made up of gold, silver or copper?
After hearing his arrogant and abusive reply, the holy companions
were stunned. They came in the court of the Holy Rasool  and told him the whole matter and said, ‘Ya Rasoolallah , we have never seen such a worst infidel and blasphemer committing blasphemy against Allah ever before.’ The Rasool of Rahmah   commanded them to go to him again. Therefore, they went back to him and that vicious person uttered more blasphemous and offensive words than before. After facing the blasphemous attitude and foul language, the holy companions  became very much grieved and came back in the
court of the Beloved and Blessed Rasool  . Then the Rasool of Rahmah sent them back to him for the third time and when they started inviting him towards Islam, the wretched blasphemer started quarrelling with them. He swore at them aggressively. Following the advice of the Beloved and Blessed Rasool  , the companions  observed full patience.
In the meantime, the people witnessed that all of a sudden, a cloud appeared and thundering started instantly. Then all of a sudden, a thunderbolt struck  the infidel. Due to this, his skull detached away and his body turned into ashes instantly. The holy companions came back to the court of
Holy Rasool  . As soon as the Holy Rasool   saw the companions, the Holy Rasool   said, ‘The blasphemer to whom you went to has been burnt and turned into ashes.’ In an extreme state of astonishment and surprise, the companions  asked, ‘Ya Rasoolallah  ! How did you come to know about this? At this, the Holy Rasool   replied: This Quranic Ayah has just been revealed to me: 
And He sends forth thunderbolt, so He causes it to strike upon whomsoever He wills, whilst they (disbelievers) are disputing concerning Allah, and severe is His Grip.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation ofQuran)] (Part 13, SurahAr-Ra’d, Ayah 13)


 Such blasphemers who disrespect the dignity of Allah  have often been mutilated by the Divine torment. Therefore, beware and be warned! One should never utter such words from his tongue which would be considered to be blasphemous against Allah . Nowadays, many people disrespect the dignity of Allah by uttering offensive words of ungratefulness when they are struck with calamities or sickness. Due to such utterance, one loses his faith and is destined for the punishment in this world and in the Hereafter.  

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