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TONGUE hung over the chest Bal’am Bin Ba’oora

This  man
scholarly  dignitary  of  his
 time.  He was
a  very  pious  and devout  person.  He also
had  the information  about Isme-Azam. He was
so spiritual  that  he could  see Arsh-e-A
zam [the
Divine  Throne] whilst  sitting at his place on the earth.
Moreover, he
was also
Mustajaab-ud-Da waat
as his supplications were
always accepted. He also
had a large number  of students.

It is
famous that the number of
inkpots of his students was twelve thousand
in his seminary.
Sayyiduna Musa mobilized  his army of the Bani Israel for Jihad (holy war) against the people of Jabbareen, the people of
Bal’am Bin Ba’oora became  panicked. They
 came to him and
 said that Sayyiduna  Musa 
is about to attack with a very huge and a powerful army. They
want to evict us
from  our
 land  and
 intend  to
 handover  it
the  Bani  Israel. Therefore,  invoke supplication against Sayyiduna Musa for his defeat.
Your   supplication 
 will   definitely   be
accepted   as  you
 are  Mustajaab-ud­
 [the one whose Du
as are always accepted].
Listening  to  what  they  said, Balam Bin Baoora  trembled. He cursed
them and
said, 1Allah forbid! Sayyiduna Musa  is
a Nabi of Allah 
 and his  army  consists  of  groups
of  angels  and
 faithful  b
can  I invoke harmful supplication against him?’ But
his people were over
insistent, they begged tearfully and compelled him to such an extent that he ended up
saying to them that let
him first do an
Istikharah. If he would  get
indication, then he will
supplicate  against him.
the Istikharah,  when
he was
not permitted  to supplicate
against Sayyiduna Musa
, he told  them in
clear words that if he invoke curse upon him,
then he
will be ruined
 in the worldly life
well as
in the
After  this, his people approached  him
with numerous  priceless gifts and
re­ insisted  him to
 such an  
extent  that
 Balam Bin Baoora agreed  
out  of  greed and 
lust  of  money.  Therefore,  he
 rode  on
 his  she-donkey   and
 went   to supplicat
e  against  Sayyiduna  Musa  His  donkey  would
going forward again and again and would turn to run back but
he kept
on pushing her  forwards by  beating  her.  Then  Allah  blessed
the  donkey
the power  of  speaking.  She
 said,  ‘O
Bal’am  Bin  Baoora! Where are you  going
and  he
ading towards? See
there are
angels in
front  of  me who are blocking my
and  pushing  my
backwards. 0
Balam! May
 you  be
 ruined! Would   you   invok
e  evil
words   unto   the  Nabi   of   Allah  and   the believers?’
Despite listening to her words, Bal
Bin Baoora did not

Finally,  he  climbed  over
a  mountain  known  as  Hasbaan.  He  looked
at the army  of
Sayyiduna Musa  from some height  and started invoking evil  words  to Sayyiduna  Musa   out  of  greed
Glory  be  to Allah  that when he was supplicating against Sayyiduna Musa, his tongue would utter words against his own people. Upon witnessing this, his people interrupted him many a time  and reminded him, ‘O Bal’am, you are supplicating in opposite words.’ He said to his people, ‘What can I do? I am intending something else but my tongue is uttering different.’ All of a sudden, the Divine torment struck him in such a way that his tongue stretched and hung over his chest. At that time, Bal’ am Bin Ba’ oora said to his people with grief and tears, ‘My  life and afterlife both have been 
ruined. My faith has been lost and I 
have become a victim of the Divine torment. None of my supplications can be accepted now. However, let me tell you a trick. If you act upon it, perhaps the army of Sayyiduna Musa  can be defeated. Send thousands of the beautiful girls dressed up in elegant attire and adorned with beautiful jewellery into the army of the Bani Israel. Even if only one of them would commit fornication, the whole army will be defeated.’ 

Therefore, the people laid the trap of the evil trick told by Bal’ am Bin Ba’ oora and sent many young girls after adorning them well with jewellery to the army of the Bani Israel. Eventually, a wealthy person of the Bani Israel got inspired by the beauty and glamour of a girl and took her to Sayyiduna Musa tll!JI gi. He sought verdict and asked: ‘O Nabi of Allah, is this woman legitimate (Halal) for me or not?’ Sayyiduna Musa   said, ‘Beware! She is unlawful for you. Separate her from you straight away and fear of the Divine torment.’ But that wealthy person was so badly trapped in lust that he rejected the commandment of his Nabi and took her in his tent and committed fornication. The outcome of that sin appeared in such a way that all of a sudden, plague spread among the army of the Bani Israel and within an hour; seventy thousand people passed away. The whole army dispersed and returned defeated and unsuccessful. This retreat of army grieved Sayyiduna Musa  very much. 
(Tafseer As-Saawi, vol. 2, pp. 727; part 9, Surah Al-A’raj Ayah 175) 
After returning from the mountain, Bal’ am Bin Ba’ oora remained cursed in the court of Allah . Until his last breath, his tongue remained hanging over his chest and he died a faithless death. The Holy Quran has mentioned this incident in the following words: 
And O Beloved, narrate to them the case of the one (Bal’am Ba’oor), to whom We gave Our Verses; consequently, he stepped away from them completely, so Shaytan went after him, he therefore became amongst the misguided ones. And had We willed, We would have exalted him because of the signs, but he clung to the (pleasures of this) earth and followed his own desires; his condition therefore is like that of a dog; so if you attack him, he hangs out his tongue, and if you leave him, he (still) hangs out his tongue; this is the state of the people who belied Our Verses; therefore admonish (them through these events); that they may ponder. 
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 9, Surah Al-A’raf, Ayah 175-176) 

Why was Bal’ am Bin Ba’ oora accursed? 

It has been reported that  some of the Ambiya asked Allah  that after blessing Bal’ am Bin Ba’ oora with so many bounties, why did He  hurl him down in condemnation? Allah  replied that he was never thankful towards His bounties. If he had been grateful to Him,  then He  would have never suspended him and would not have destined him with such a disastrous end. 

(Tafseer As-Saawi, vol. 3, pp. 139; part 8, Surah Al-A’raf, Ayah 10) 


We get following moral lessons from the chronicle of Bal’ am Bin Ba’oora: 
1. All those scholars and politicians who are paid and funded by governments or wealthy people to talk against Shari’ah and thus they intentionally sell their faith should learn lesson from this event. You can see how high status of Bal’am Bin Ba’oora was and how disastrous was his ending! Why did all that happen? The only reason is that he was captivated by the greed of wealth and agreed upon invoking curse intentionally against the Nabi of Allah 
Consequently, he was accursed in this world as well as in the Hereafter in such a way that for rest of his life, he had his tongue hanging like that of a dog and he was destined for Hell in the Hereafter. Therefore, every Muslim and especially Islamic scholar should observe abstinence from the webs of the greed and should never interfere unjustly into the religious matters while stirred with the greed for wealth. Otherwise, keep in mind that the sword of the Divine torment is always ready to strike with.  
3. From this tragic event we may learn lesson. The army of Sayyiduna Musa tll:.!1 􀀖 that comprised of angels and faithful believers, though there were no apparent signs for their defeat because it was such an spiritual army of angels and believers that even the mountains would frighten by the tapping sound of the hoofs of their horses but just due to the sin committed by one wretched person, angels left the army and the torment of plague brought such a calamity within the army that the whole army scattered. Thus this victorious army was defeated and retreated.
Therefore, it is essential for the Muslims that if they want to be successful and victorious against infidels, they should never commit sins and adultery. Otherwise, the help of angels will be withdrawn. The pressure of the Muslims will shun away from the hearts of the unbelievers and the Muslims will not only have to face defeat but their all military power will also be finished. Consequently, whole of the nation will be obliterated from the face of the earth. 

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