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A strange invocation

The commentators of the Holy Quran have narrated that once the polytheists captured the son of ‘Awf Bin Maalik Ashja’ ee  whose name was ‘Saalim’. Sayyiduna ‘Awf Bin Maalik reported in the court of the Beloved and Blessed Rasool and expressed his state of poverty and exclaimed, ‘The polytheists have arrested my son. Now his mother is in a state of extreme worry out of grief. What should I do in this regard?’ The Rasool of Rahmah replied, ‘Observe patience, lead a life of piety and invoke abundantly and ask the mother of your son to also invoke this invocation in abundance.’ After listening to this, Sayyiduna ‘Awf Bin Maalik Ashja’ee went home and informed his wife of this invocation. Then the couple began to invoke it abundantly.
The outcome of the invocation revealed one day; the polytheists became negligent towards Sayyiduna Saalim  . Hence, as soon as he found the opportunity, he fled out from the captivity of the polytheists. Whilst fleeing away, he also took four thousand goats and fifty camels of the polytheists along with him. After reaching home, he knocked on the door. When his parents opened the door, they found Saalim to be there and were overjoyed over this unexpected arrival of their son. Sayyiduna ‘Awf Bin Maalik Ashja’ee reported the news of his son’s escape from the captivity to the Noblest Rasool . Furthermore, he  also ascertained a verdict about whether these goats and camels were Halal (lawful) for them or not. The Holy Rasool  permitted them to use the goats and camels as they wished. (Iafseer Khaza ‘in-ul-‘Irfan, pp. 1004; part 28, Surah At-Talaaq, Ayah 2) After this, the revelation of the following Ayahs of the Holy Quran took place: 
And whoever fears Allah, Allah will create for him a way of salvation. And (Allah) will provide him sustenance from where he could not imagine; and whoever relies on Allah, so He is Sufficient for him; indeed Allah is to complete His task; indeed Allah has set a proper measure for all things.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 28, Surah At-Talaaq, Ayah 2-3)
It has been mentioned in a Hadees that the Beloved Rasool 􀀃j ‘.’!ij 􀀆􀀇 JiiJ 1″1 J;;, has said, ‘I know of such an Ayah that if people take it, it will suffice them.
That Ayah is {a!i;􀀎&:–,) up to its end.’
(Iafseer As-Saawi, vol. 61 pp. 2182; part 28, Surah At-Talaaq, Ayah 3)

A mysterious story 

‘Allamah Ujhoori has mentioned in his book ‘Fadaail-e-Ramadan’ that once a few people were travelling by boat in the sea. A call echoed from the sea by someone, but his figure was not seen. It called out, ‘If someone gives me ten thousand dinars, I will inform him of such an invocation that if he recites this  invocation when struck by some catastrophe, the catastrophe will be shunned away.’ One person amongst the people on-board exclaimed in a loud voice, ‘Come, I will give you ten thousand dinars. Inform me of that invocation.’ It was replied, ‘Drop these dinars into the sea, I will receive them.’
Therefore, the person on-board dropped ten thousand dinars into the sea and
the unseen caller said, ‘That invocation is  to the end of the Ayah.
Whenever you come across any calamity, recite this.’ Hearing this, all the other people on-board made fun of him saying that you have wasted such an excessive amount of ten thousand dinars. He replied, ‘I have not wasted my money at all and I am sure that this Ayah of the Holy Quran will be of a great benefit to me’. After this, the boat continued sailing for a few days, but then all of a sudden, it was caught by stormy tides, causing it to break and scatter everywhere. No one survived on the boat except that one person. He was sailing the sea sitting on a plank of that boat. He kept on sailing in the sea until reached an island. After walking a few steps, he witnessed that a splendid palace is there, various pearls and jewels were present there and a  very pretty woman was  sitting in the palace alone.
Every type of food and
fruits were present there.   The woman asked him,
‘Who are you and how   have you reached here?’   
He asked her, ‘Who are
you and what are you
doing here?’ The woman
told her story that, ‘I am the daughter of a very big merchant of Basra. I was on a journey of sea with my father but all of a sudden, our boat broke and someone unexpectedly, carried me and put me here. Since then, I have been on this island, trapped in this palace. There is a devil who has brought me here. He comes here every seventh day. Even though he does not conduct any physical intercourse with me, but he kisses and toys with me. Today is the day of his arrival. Therefore, save your life and flee from here. Otherwise, he will come and attack you.’
This woman had not yet finished her account that all of a sudden, darkness prevailed all over. The woman exclaimed, ‘Flee from here quickly. He is coming and will definitely kill you.’ Thereupon, the devil arrived but that person remained standing there. When the devil stepped forward to attack
him, the person started reciting the invocation of  and the devil fell
on the ground. Such a loud voice was heard as if some part of a mountain had broken and fallen down. Then the devil burnt and turned into a pile of ashes.
After witnessing this, the woman said, ‘Allah has sent you as an angel of blessing for me. By your virtue, I have received freedom from this devil.’ Then the woman said to the man, ‘Pick up these pearls and jewels. Then let’s move from this palace to the ocean shore so we can search for a boat to escape from here.’ Hence, both of them departed from the palace with many jewels, pearls, fruits and other provisions and reached the shore where they saw a boat that was going to ‘Basra’. Both of them boarded it and reached Basra. The parents of the lost girl were overjoyed after finding their lost daughter and were very grateful to the man. They kept him as a guest in their home with great honour and respect. After hearing the whole account, the parents married them and they started living as husband and wife. All the jewels and pearls that they had brought from the island became their joint treasure. Allah also blessed them with some children and both of them lived a prosperous life with great love and affection.
(I’afseer As-Saawi, vol. 6, pp. 2183; part 28, Surah At-Talaaq, Ayah 2)


From this event, we learnt that there are great outcomes of such spiritual practices and Quranic invocations provided the beliefs are correct, the invocations are recited correctly, the tongue is not contaminated with impurities of sins and unlawful morsels and rituals are performed devoutly complying with required conditions. Observing these factors, one may benefit miraculously from Quranic rituals  one example of which you have just read above.  

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