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Calling the dead

Calling the dead
Sayyiduna Ibraheem     had slaughtered the four birds, minced their meat and placed it on the mountains. Then Allah   ordered,       call these dead birds. Therefore, Sayyiduna Ibraheem     called these four birds by their names and this point proves that calling dead is not polytheism, because when Allah  ordered to call the dead birds and when such a dignified Nabi   called the dead birds, then this can never ever be polytheism at all because Allah  will never command any one towards polytheism and nor any Nabi  can ever commit an act of polytheism.
Therefore, when calling the dead birds is not polytheism, then how can calling the late beloveds of Allah and the martyrs be polytheism! Those people who say that calling the late beloveds of Allah and the martyrs is polytheism, those who falsely allege the people who exclaim the slogan of ‘Ya Ghaus’ as ‘polytheist’, they should ponder upon to avail the light of guidance from above Quranic event so that they may follow the true path of Ahl-us-Sunnah. 

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