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How did lhe flood subside?

When the ark of Sayyiduna Nuh parked on Mount Joodi and all the unbelievers had been drowned and destroyed, then Allah  ordered the earth, ‘O earth! Swallow up your water that sprang out from you. And, 0 the heavens! Cease your rain.’ Therefore, the water started sinking into the earth and the flood subsided. Then Allah  ordered Sayyiduna Nuh , ‘O Nuh! Get off the ark. Peace and blessings are unto you from Allah as well as unto those people who accompanied you on the ark.’
(Part 12, Surah Hood, Ayah 48)
It is narrated in a Hadees that Sayyiduna Nuh intended to send someone to get the news about the earth. Therefore, a hen was the first to wish that it will bring the news of the earth. He held the hen and said after stamping its wings, ‘This is my sign on you. Although you are a bird, you will never be able to fly high and my Ummah will benefit from you.’ He  then sent a crow. The crow saw carrion and lay upon it and did not return. Sayyiduna Nuh  cursed it praying: May it remain under fear all the time! The crow therefore remains fearful whether it is in Haram-e­Makkah or outside.
He then sent a pigeon and it did not land on the earth. Instead, it brought an olive leaf from Saba (a country) in its beak. Sayyiduna Nuh   said to the pigeon, ‘You did not land on the earth, so go back and bring the news about the earth. The pigeon flew again and landed in the holy land of Ka’bah in Makkah. It observed that the water had dried up on the land of  Ka’bah and the red soil had appeared. Both the paws of the pigeon turned red due to the red soil. The pigeon flew back to Sayyiduna Nuh in the same state and said, ‘O Nabi of Allah ! Please bless my neck with a  beautiful ring, and my feet with red colour, and allow me settlement in the holy land of Haram. Therefore, Sayyiduna Nuh placed his merciful hand on the head of the pigeon and supplicated for it, ‘May a beautiful ring like a necklace always remain in its neck; may its feet become red; may there be increase in its breeding and may it be blessed to settle in the holy land of Haram. (I’afseer As-Saawi, vol. 3, pp. 916; part 12, Surah Hood, Ayah 48)
Allah  has mentioned in the Glorious Quran: 
And it was commanded, ‘O earth! Swallow your water, and, 0 sky! Withhold.’ And the water was made to dry up and the matter was concluded, and the Ark stopped upon mount al-J oodi and it was said, ‘Away with the unjust people.’
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 12, Surah Hood, Ayah 44)
Afterwards, Allah  asked Sayyiduna Nuh  to step out of the ark, saying:
It was said, ‘O Nuh! Disembark from the Ark with peace and blessings from Us which are upon you and upon some groups that are with you.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 12, Surah Hood, Ayah 48)


In this parable of Sayyiduna Nuh  ‘ there are several inspiring lessons that cause so faith-refreshing effect on the souls of the believers that their heart becomes refulgent with spirituality of Islam. Some spiritual lessons are mentioned below:
1. Despite being victim of oppression and misconduct, Sayyiduna Nuh  observed patience and continued preaching his people for nine hundred and fifty years. Until the Divine revelation was sent down that these people will not embrace the faith, he kept on striving for their moral guidance through his sermons. When he was informed via revelation that they would not embrace the faith, he  gave up further struggle and asked Du’a for their destruction. Sayyiduna Nuh’s life is a beacon of light for the Islamic preachers and reformers; they should also teach and preach with patience and perseverance.
2. During the great flood, when the waves of water were as high as hilltops, Sayyiduna Nuh and his believers were boarding the ark. This ark was jolting like a straw in the midst of the flood of these stormy waves. However, Sayyiduna Nuh and his believers were on such heights of faith and trust in Allah that neither they were tense, nor were they worried. There is a moral lesson in this for the true believers that at the time of worst troubles and calamities, they should remain contented bearing full faith and trust in Allah.
3. Sayyiduna Nuh’s son was an unbeliever. From this, we come to know that it is not necessary that the children of pious people also turn out to be pious. Having good children from bad parents and bad children from good parents is possible. All depends upon the Hidden Plan of Allah . He can make one good or bad, as per His will.

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