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Sayyiduna Musa  was brought up in the palace of pharaoh since his childhood but when he  grew up, he got fed up of seeing the oppressions of pharaoh and his nation ‘Qibti’i and raised his voice against pharaoh. As a result of this, pharaoh and his nation who were called ‘Qibti’ became his enemy. Consequently, Sayyiduna Musa not only left the palace of pharaoh, but also his city and remained hidden in the surrounding areas. 
One day at the time of noon, when the people of the city were having their nap, Sayyiduna Musa secretly entered the city called ‘Manf’ which is situated at the borders of Egypt. Actual name of Manf was ‘Maafah’ which changed to  [Manf] in Arabic accent. Some people are of the opinion that the name of this city was ‘Ayn-ush-Shams and some of the commentators of the Holy Quran are of the opinion that it was the city of Haabeen which is situated two furlongs away from Egypt. (Tafseer Khaazin,
vol. 3, pp. 427; part 20, Surah Al-Qasas, Ayah 14) or it was the city of Umm- e-Khanaan or Egypt. (I’afseer Saawi, vol. 4, pp. 1522; part 20, Surah Al-Qasas, Ayah 14)
When Sayyiduna Musa  reached the city, he saw two people quarrelling with each other. One of them was an Israelite of his own tribe, while the other person was a Qibti who was from the tribe of pharaoh. The Israelite requested Sayyiduna Musa for help. In response, Sayyiduna Musa  punched the Qibti. The Qibti died of it. ‘ ‘
Upon this, Sayyiduna Musa  became very much grieved and started repenting in the court of Allah. The people of the pharaoh informed pharaoh that some Israelite has killed a Qibti of their tribe. Listening to this,  pharaoh ordered for search of the killer and the witnesses.
The people of pharaoh searched everywhere but could not find any clue. Sayyiduna Musa  remained worried the whole night till dawn thinking that what would be the outcome of the Qibti’s death and what will the people of his nation do in reaction!
The second day, when Sayyiduna Musa coincidently came across the same Israelite who requested for help the day before, fighting with another person of the nation of pharaoh that day, then Sayyiduna Musa  scolded him and said, ‘You quarrel with people every day and put yourself as well as your helpers into trouble.’ However, Sayyiduna Musa felt mercy for the Israelite again and tended to save him from the tyranny of the Qibti. But, the Israelite said, ‘O Musa ! Do you want to kill me as well like you killed a man yesterday? Do you want to become an oppressor in the earth and do not wish reformation at all?’ Meanwhile, a person came running from the other end of the city and informed Sayyiduna Musa , ‘The Qibtis are counselling with each other in the court of pharaoh to kill you. Therefore, you should leave the city. I am your well-wisher.’ Hence, Sayyiduna Musa left the city to see what happens thereafter. Then he  invoked the following supplication: ‘O my Rab ! Protect me from  the tyrants.’ After invoking this supplication, he migrated to Madyan and reached Sayyiduna Shu’ayb · Sayyiduna Shu’ayb gave him refuge and also married one of his daughters Bibi Safoora with him. (Part 15, Surah
Al-Qasas, Ayah 15-23; summarized)
The person who came running from the other end of the city and informed Sayyiduna Musa  about the plan of his murder and suggested him to migrate was the son of pharaoh’s uncle. His name was either Hizqeel, Sham’oon or Sam’aan. He was one among the tribe of pharaoh who had embraced faith in Sayyiduna Musa · (I’afseer As-Saawi, vol. 4, pp. 1524; part 20, Surah Al-Qasas, Ayah 20)


 There is a moral for the Islamic scholars that Sayyiduna Musa  and other Ambiya faced tyrannies and atrocities in the path of preaching Islam with utmost perseverance and patience. Ultimately, the Divine help supported them in such a way that they succeeded in their missions and their enemies were defeated and destroyed.  

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