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Sayyiduna Ayyub  is from the descendants of Sayyiduna Ishaaq  and his mother is from the family of Sayyiduna Loot- Allah blessed him with a diverse range of bounties including beauty, abundance of wealth and children, uncountable number of cattle, fields and gardens. When Allah put him under trial and tribulation, his home collapsed and all of his sons became trapped underneath and died. All of the animals that included hundreds of camels and thousands of goats, died. All of the fields and gardens were also ruined.
In the end, nothing was left in his possession. Whenever he was informed about this ruin and destruction of all these possessions, he  would glorify Allah and pay gratitude by saying, ‘What was mine and what is mine, the One Who is Lord of all has taken it. For the duration that He bestowed me with it, it was within my possession and He has taken it back when He wished. I am always satisfied in whatever pleases Him.’ After this, he fell sick and big size blisters appeared on his blessed body. Under this state, everyone left him, except for his only wife whose name was ‘Rahmat Bint-e-Ifraaim’, who was the granddaughter of Sayyiduna Yusuf . She used to serve Sayyiduna Ayyub- He suffered this very state for many years. He remained in severe pains due to the blisters and boils.


A widespread misconception among people is that Sayyiduna Ayyub  was  suffering from vitiligo (white spots on skin). Some unauthentic books have also recorded fabricated stories about his leprosy. But remember that these tales are completely incorrect and Sayyiduna Ayyub  or any other Nabi   has never been afflicted with the disease of leprosy. In this context, there is a unanimous rule that the Ambiya  stay protected from all those diseases that are publically loathsome and detested. This is because it is the primary duty of the Ambiya  to preach the people. So it is obvious that when people will detest and go afar from them due to such illness, then how can the obligatory task of preaching be executed!
Conclusively, Sayyiduna Ayyub  never at all suffered from leprosy but only mere blisters, boils and pimples popped up on his blessed body, due to which he suffered troubles for many years but he  endured it with great patience and gratefulness. Then with the commandment of Allah , he  invoked in the following way:
Distress has afflicted me, and You are the Most Merciful of all those who do mercy.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 17, Surah Al-Ambiya, Ayah 83)
When Sayyiduna Ayyub  remained steadfast in the Divine trial and was successful in his test, his supplication was accepted. The Most Gracious and Merciful Allah  ordered him, ‘O Ayyub J Stamp your foot on the ground.’ When he struck his foot on the ground, immediately a spring of water gushed forth. It was commanded by Allah to Sayyiduna Ayyub  to bathe from this water. Therefore, he  bathed and all the diseases of his body were healed. He then walked forty steps and the command to stamp the foot on the ground was given again. As soon as he  stamped his foot on the ground, another spring of water bubbled up and its water was very cold, sweet and exceptionally delicious. When Sayyiduna Ayyub  drank this water, his inner self was enlightened with the Divine light and he attained an excellent health and high spirituality. Allah revived all his children back to life, blessed his wife  with youth again and they had more children. After that, he was also bestowed again with his lost riches and cattle, provisions and resources. In fact, he was bestowed with a lot more riches and wealth than what he  possessed before.
One day, during the days of his illness, Sayyiduna Ayyub called his wife and she came with some delay, which enraged him. He swore an oath to strike her with a hundred whips. Allah said, ‘O Ayyub , strike your wife once with a grass-made broom and through this, your oath will be fulfilled’. Therefore, Allah has mentioned this event in the Holy Quran in the following words: 
We said to him, ‘Strike the earth with your foot; this cool spring is for bathing and drinking. And We bestowed his family upon him and more similar to it (in number), as Mercy from Us, and advice for the people of intellect. And We said, ‘Take a broom in your hand and strike her with it (since you took oath to strike your wife with hundred lashes), and do not break your oath.’ We indeed found him patient, what an excellent bondsman. He is indeed ever repenting (to his Lord).
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)J (Part 23, Surah Saad, Ayah 42-44)
Sayyiduna Ayyub was fully successful in his trial. Allah blessed him with all types of His bounties and the Holy Quran crowned his blessed head by presenting him with the unparalleled title of  [Awwaab].


The moral lesson we get from Sayyiduna Ayyub’s event of trials is that there are trials from Allah even for the chosen bondmen of Allah and when they are successful in their trials and succeed in their test, then as a reward, Allah dignifies their grandeur to such an extent that is beyond one’s imagination. We also get another moral lesson from this event that the fruits of reward that are yielded by practicing patience and being grateful to the will of Allah during the time of tribulations are always wonderful.  

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