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Two Journers By Quraysh

In the holy city of Makkah, there was neither any cultivation nor any type of trade or industry. Yet, the people of the Quraysh tribe were very rich and affluent, and they would entertain the Hajj pilgrims generously with great hospitality. The secret behind the prosperity of the Quraysh was that they would carry out two business trips every year. In the winter, they would travel to Yemen and in the summer, they would travel to Syria. They were cordially respected by the people of all cities being hailed from Haram and the Holy Ka’bah. The people of Quraysh would earn a lot of profit from these trades. Moreover, by virtue of being the inhabitants of the Haram, they would never face any sort of raid or robbery despite the fact that massacres and ravaging were very common on the outskirts. Besides the Quraysh, whenever the people of other tribes would travel, their caravans were often attacked, looted and killed. So, the peaceful situation available for the Quraysh to carry out business trips was not destined for other tribes. (I’afseer Khaza’in-ul-‘Irfan pp. 1084-1089; part 30, Surah Quraysh, Ayah 1-4)
Out of numerous blessings that Allah bestowed upon Quraysh, Allah commanded them for His worship by specially reminding the blessings associated with these two journeys by saying: 
Due to giving inclination to Quraysh. (Allah gave them) the inclination during both their (business) journeys during winter and summer. So they should worship the Lord of this House (the Ka’bah). The One Who gave them food in hunger, and secured them from a great fear.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)J (Part 30, Surah Quraysh, Ayah 1-4)
These people were fed during their hunger means i.e. by virtue of these two trade journeys, a source of income and sustenance was provided for them and their caravans were provided protection from being looted. Therefore, it is obligatory upon them to worship the Rab  of the Ka’bah, Who has bestowed them with His blessings. They should not worship the idols, who have given them nothing.


In this Surah, Allah has ordered to abandon idol worshiping and worship Him by reminding of His two blessings. Although the Quraysh are specifically mentioned in this Surah, but this commandment is for all the people of the world, that people should remember the blessings of Allah , worship the Sole Provider of these blessings i.e. Allah  and refrain from idol worshiping.

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