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The earth will talk

On the Day of Judgement, where there will be many witnesses at the time of Reckoning, the earth will also become witness and bear testimony. Therefore, it has been mentioned in a Hadees that the earth will bear testimony about every good and bad deed committed on it by men and women. It will say that on such and such day, this deed was performed and on such and such day, that deed was committed.
(I’afseer Khaza’in-ul-‘Irfan pp. 1079; part 30, Surah Az-Zilzaal, Ayah 4)
The earth has memorized all the good and evil deeds that people have committed on it and on the Day of Judgement, it will openly announce all of these affairs which everyone will listen to. Allah has described this topic in the Holy Quran in the following words: 
When the earth is shaken violently with its destined tremor. And the earth casts out (all) its burdens. And man says, ‘What has happened to it?’ On that Day, the earth will narrate ( all) its news. Because your Lord sent a command to it.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 301 Surah Az-Zilzaal, Ayah 1-5)


On the Judgement Day, there will be many witnesses to testify the good and bad deeds of the people. The angels present on the shoulders of every person for recording the deeds are the absolute witnesses. Besides these, the limbs of people will also testify the deedsi meaning a person’s hands, feet, eyes, ears, etc. every limb will testify the act in which that limb had been involved. Moreover, the earth will report every deed committed on its face by the people and it will be a witness in the court of Allah . To summarise, no matter how much a person hides a good or bad deedi it will by no means remain hidden on the Day of Judgement. Instead, every deed of a person will be presented before him and he will see all his deeds with his own eyes, and will also be given the return for every deed. Therefore, Allah has mentioned:
On that day people will return towards their Lord, in different paths, in order to be shown their deeds. So whoever does a good deed equal to the weight of an atom, will see it. And whoever does an evil deed equal to the weight of an atom, will see it.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 301 Surah Az-Zilzaal, Ayah 6-8)
Anyhow, the Day of Judgement will be extremely tough and every person will be held accountable for his every minor, major, good or bad deed. It is obligatory upon every Muslim to pay attention to every passing moment of his life that whatever he is doing, one day he will be held accountable for that, and all those deeds that he is performing secretly will be revealed in front of everyone in the court of Allah. How embarrassing and humiliating it will be at that time! 

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