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  • تلبیہ

    لَبَّیْکَ اللّٰھُمَّ لَبَّیْکَ طلَبَّیْکَ لَا شَرِیْکَ لَکَ لَبَّیْکَ طاِنَّ الْحَمْدَوَالنِّعْمَتہلَکَ وَالْمُلْکَلَا شَرِیْکَ لَک ط

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  • احتیاط

    1۔ پیدل چلنے کی عادت ڈالیں۔2۔ اپنے بیگ یا سوٹ کیس پر اپنے نام کے Tag لگائیں اور مکہ شریف…

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  • سفر شروع کرنے سے پہلے

    کوئی Pleasure trip نہیں بلکہ عقیدت و محبت کا سفر ہے اور ایک مقدس فریضہ ہے جو کہ لاکھوں مسلمانوں…

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  • Endless treasure of knowledge and wisdom

    The Holy Quran is a glorified and highly dignified book of Allah in which there are rulings pertaining to Halal…

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  • Some attributes of Allah

    The unbelievers of Arab used to raise various questions about Allah in the court of the Holiest Rasool . Some…

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  • Harmony between ISLAM AND KUFR is impossible

    A delegation of the unbelievers of Quraysh came to the Beloved and Blessed Rasool and said, ‘If you follow our…

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  • Two Journers By Quraysh

    In the holy city of Makkah, there was neither any cultivation nor any type of trade or industry. Yet, the…

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  • Greatness of the HORSES OF MUJAHIDIN

    What a great rank is held by the Islamic warriors who perform Jihad in the path of Allah ! Regarding…

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  • The earth will talk

    On the Day of Judgement, where there will be many witnesses at the time of Reckoning, the earth will also…

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    Shab-e-Qadr is the night bearing great bounties and blessings. How virtuous this night is can be judged from the fact…

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